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  • Hi. I am Isaac Yassar from Go Blogger (dot) net and I help blogs go profitable. See, many bloggers want to make money from their blogs, but unfortunately, success only comes with the right track. This is where Go Blogger makes its entrance by providing surefire ideas of profitable blogging. Would you like to make money from your blog?

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  • Isaac, I liked your site when I first reviewed this post a few days ago. I suspect no one comments because they see this as some kinda sales pitch and are turned-off. I appreciate your site and the ideas that I might use with my own blog . . . So thanks for the site. I am wondering if you can explain the mechanics of the “Read More” technique you used so elequently. I see that it goes to a different page, which includes the original content along with the rest. Are you actually creating a ‘page’ to do this or is there some much simpler way to do it. Either way, it works very effectively to keep me reading. When I am not interested in a subject, I don’t “read more” and am not bothered with the entire article taking up space. Very effective !

    Has my comment been deleted?

    @jacquemo: Thanks. Here is how do I do it: Login to my WP dashboard >> Write a post >> click “HTML” (near “Visual”) >> click “More” (near “lookup”)

    It will add the read more button. Just like mine.

    I am sure you can also do it on your site. It’s WP default functionality I guess.

    @fechtech: Which comment?

    Isaac | Go Blogger (dot) net

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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