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  1. flamencoexpress
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Not to mention downright rudeness.

    In my experience, try criticising WordPress for its exotic cryptographic obsession and you will raise the ire of its disciples and your thread will disappear - not the rudeness, but your criticism and any enquiry which went with it.

    It doesn't take much for WP devotees to take criticism of a piece of software personally. If that's representative of the blogs they produce with WP, I don't see any reason to read them.

    Any idea how to get notified of a response to a thread?

  2. I'm going to risk it and just answer your question.

    Any idea how to get notified of a response to a thread?

    The only way to get notified on a response to a thread here it subscribe to that threads RSS feed for that thread. For this thread that would be this feed URL


    There is no e-mail notification, but you could always just check your user profile and see if anyone responded.


    That's how most of us check our threads here.

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