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  • i’ve got some experience working with godaddy for wp installs…

    first, what server did you choose on your hosting package? windows, or linux? (it’s possible to install on either, but installing on linux is much easier)

    did you create the database and modify the wp-config.php to show this, prior to uploading?

    the URL you gave seems strange, unless you purposely did it this way… you’ve got wordpress in a ‘wordpress’ folder, which is in another ‘wordpress’ folder, which is in your ‘blog’ folder, which is in your root directory… i’m not so sure that’s the intended output there…

    Agreed.. the double wordpress folders might be confusing you and/or the software..

    I just installed wordpress on GoDaddy a few days ago and I had troubles the same as you.

    Make sure you create an SQL database, then click on the database name (once GoDaddy has created it, takes a few minutes..) and you should see the actual hostname required for your SQL file… you know where it says “99% of the time you wont need to change this” in your wp-config file? Well GoDaddy seems to be one of the 1%ers out there!

    I did create the database and modified the wp-config.php file accordingly.
    Yea the URL is weird now that I look at it. But it is accurate. Don’t know why i did it that way just did.

    I think i picked linux but I want to double check.

    Ok changed the location to /blog/ (no more double wordpress folders) I created the SQL Database. And changed the host value in the script. I checked and I picked windows instead of linux for some reason. Should/ Can I change it to Linux? Where do I go from here.

    you can and should go change it to linux – it’s no extra charge, and should resolve to linux within 10 mins or so.

    again, it’s not impossible to do this on windows, i want to make that clear – however there are tweaks and mods i’m not familiar with that you’d have to make, and to me, it’s much easier just to make the switch…

    let me go figure out where you need to go to do that and i’ll be right back.

    awesome thank you soo much!


    go to “my account”

    under “hosting & email” (right side of middle column with white background) click on “hosting account list”

    click on the domain name

    on the right hand side (grey box) you’ll see “switch operating system” – click that

    select the radio button for the SAME PLAN but the one that has “CGI” at the end of it (or “PHP” if you’re using the economy hosting plan)

    hit “continue” and wait until it changes… 🙂

    OK… Now I am set to Economy Hosting w/ PHP.

    But I think my account change is still pending…So I guess I will have to wait a few minutes..BTW thanks for your help!

    no sweat 🙂
    once you have it over, then assuming your wp-config.php is set up properly, and all files are in the proper place, then you should be able to run install.php without a hitch… let us know if you still have problems. 🙂

    Nice got it installed awesome! Thanks again.

    fantastic – glad i could help 🙂

    Can somebody list the steps, step by step, for an absolute newbie on how to set up WordPress on a Linux platform with GoDaddy, and I mean “step by step” for a newbie!

    And how to use it after its set up?

    ebee – it’s pretty much listed here:

    the rest, regarding godaddy, is already here in this thread…

    make sure you’re hosted on a linux server.
    go into the control panel and click on “MySQL” then create a database. wait a few mins and click on the name of the database – this is where you get all your information for the wp-config.php file.

    upload as listed in the first link i gave you, run the install and you’re done. it’s really very simple if you don’t let yourself get thinking otherwise.

    ACTUALLY– I need more than that.

    I am REALLY confused.

    MY original purpose was to set up a page on my website where a visitor can type some text into a form, and that text would be added to another page on the site and the entries would accumulate and be displayed in alternate colors.

    So I learned a little PHP and I was able to make the form and have it displayed on another (php) page, however, it was a one-time thing and it would not be saved. I asked a friend about it and she said that she thinks I need a database.

    So I am trying to learn about how to make a database. I was able to set up a database on my godaddy site pretty easily, HOWEVER, I can not figure out what all the options are and what to do to make a table, I tried making a simple table to display the datetime, and I referenced it in a php file, however all I got when I opened the php page was a blank page. So I didn’t make the table correctly I think because the php file seemed ok.

    So now I am looking at WordPress, and to be honest, I don’t even really understand what WordPress does.

    I am severely confused and could use some help if anybody out there is feeling like they are in a charitable mood.

    Maybe I shouldn’t be bothering with this at all because my area is really design, not programming, but this is going to torture me until I can figure it out. You people must know the feeling! Help!


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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