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  • Hi folks. I’ve been running a forum for alumni and campers of Culver Summer Camps for about 5 months and have been working away on a blog front page for the forums, a portal of sorts using wordpress 2.0. 7 months ago I knew nothing about HTML so learning how to skin my IPB forums was one thing…learning to skin a wordpress blog was like starting from scratch in some ways but its coming along. Many of the layout elements are in place already though I want to spruce the design up just a little bit still. Also the sidebar content has yet to be addessed.

    That said anyone have any criticism? Feedback? Suggestions? I don’t want it to be too feature laden as most of our users are noobs on the internet.


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  • Hi MrFlora,
    I like the design. Just two things I noticed:
    -I don’t like the different colors for the hover state on the menu.
    -I had some problem navigation to the home of the blog. In firefox I found out I could just click the banner. In internet explorer the cursor doesn’t change when hovering over the banner. Although you still can click, it doesn’t appear as a link.

    Hope that helps.

    Hey thanks!

    I know exactly what you’re talking about with the hover in IE. I think what would fix it would be for me to actually place the image there instead of having it be the background image with a transparent padded div stretched across it with the link value (its all I could think of).

    As for the different hover colors. I more or less agree with you but one of my goals in the design is to work in as much familiarity with the Culver summer program as possible for the users and beleive it or not those colors represent the different units at camp. So yeah from a design standpoint its not optimal but it helps differentiate the site as being “about culver”. perhaps as I keep working on it I’ll have enough other tip-offs for that that I can lose the different colors.

    Any thoughts out there about the actual plate-like shape or the color-scheme? Originally the header incorporated more of beige and teal from the main part and now that I’ve changed the header around I’m scratching my head ot think of what colors the body of the blog should have behind it.

    Also should I add more elements to the header? Like wrapping a culver flag around the border of it or something?

    If there’s a good reason for the color you might as well keep them.
    The plate shape, color scheme, and header are ok for me. If this were mine, I don’t think I would change much.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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