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  • I run a blog for campers, alumni, and parents of Culver Military Academy Summer Camps in Northern Indiana. I started up the site as just a forum about 7 months ago and have since added a wordpress Blog to the front of it. I’ve switched from a 2-column to a 3-column layout just recently and would really appreciate any feedback on the look, usability, layout, ad placement, graphics, and content of the site. Thanks!

    I’ll gladly check out anyone’s site’s and provide feedback in return. You can contact me via

    My site is

    Thanks again!

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  • Pretty messed up on Firefox 1.5 on a Mac. The main content is pushed down to the bottom of the page.

    See: and


    ouch that sucks.

    Any windows firefox extensions that can let me test it on a mac out there?

    Thanks for the heads up though!

    looks like in firefox my left sidebar wasn’t being pusched down far enough. I’ve encased that whole blue gradiant area above in a div with a set height. Maybe that’ll bump the left bar down enough for it to be slid over all the way.

    Anyone else at a mac able to say if it helped or not?

    Looking at it on Mac right now and it seems to look fine in both Firefox and Safari.

    Looks dandy now. I thought it would be a quick fix. Too tired to do any reviewing right now.






    thanks everyone for the help. Any other reviews or comments now that I fixed thee css?

    it’s a little odd how the page shifts left when i go from homepage to the Culverpedia (i like that term by the way).

    I don’t get why the “E” is red in the header.

    about your CafePress, I think there’s a way to integrate it in your blog design

    everything looks great in firefox (PC). in ie (although, who cares?) your counter runs into the section below, as well as the text to the right of the counter.

    good call on the Culverpedia. When I switched to the 3-column layout I widened the main skin a bit. Haven’t applied it to the Culverpedia just yet.

    I’ll get on those IE fixes. It seems to be funky in some versions of IE but not others. Bugs me…

    The red E is an allusion to the big award they give out at the end of the summer to the best unit at camp, a red E they can pin to their uniforms.

    Maybe I should put a link to the E Culverpedia page on the front there?

    I find it a bit weird the way that the horizontal links take me to pages with such different designs (and in one place to another site altogether). Do you plan to integrate the design of the forum in to WordPress?

    I go on lots of sites where the Forum looks like a forum, but most users recall instantly what the home-site is. That’s not a problem in my eyes.

    About the red “E”, it sounds like something your intended audience knows what it means, so it doesn’t matter that it looked odd to me. To tell you the truth I was afraid you were trying to say “eCulver” like email or emarketing or whatever. Glad it’s not that. Ha.

    I have thought a good deal about making at least the main index skin more akin to the front wordpress design. They use the same background and shading. I made the forums first and then the blog. My forums are looking a little over amateur-photoshoppy to me though with some poor gradients and so forth.

    If i could find a way to mount a frappr style guest map onto my blog I certainly would.

    I’m thinking however of swapping out those top links altogether and replacing them with dropdowns beneath “camper” “staff” “parent” and “alumni” with links listed below that would be relevant for each of the 4 types sof visitors to the site. People don’t come to the site for the culverpedia or forums, they come because they are an Alumnus or a parent or a camper. PErhaps thats the wiser way to organize then…thoughts?

    Sounds like a plan. You would expect the horizontal links to take you to the main sections of the site, so I’d suggest you use them in that way and consign the links that you have there now to the sidebar.

    Dang thats a good idea, well explained too. Thank you.

    So an alternative to the campers, parents, alumni, and staff might be “About” “Forums” “Articles” “Culverpedia”….hmmmm

    Organization is a real tough nut to crack eh?

    Any thoughts on redundant links? Having more than one spot on the home page point to my categories for example. Is that to be avoided?

    I’ve just finished a full re-design of the site’s front page based on some of my favorite sleek-style sites out there. I noticed from google analytics that almost none of my visitors are 800×600 so I’ve made the site wider. Also I’ve tried for smoother adsense integration and have switched the main forums over to a more accomodating, matching style.

    Comments? Feedback? I wanted something that looked less photoshoppy and more sophisticated…

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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