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  • Northerner


    Hi! Do the GMail servers not return any information or different status codes when the plug-in attempts to pull mail? It’s nice to have a log feature for these attempts, but there is a lost opportunity to provide useful troubleshooting information when all mail errors are described as: “An error occurred: Error connecting to mail server.” Does the account exist? Is the password correct? Is the port not recognized? Does the email account have IMAP access turned off?

    I have checked all those things, and found none of them are the problem. I tried all the configuration settings for IMAP with and without SSL, POP3, you name it. Can’t get it to work, and all I know is “An error occurred: Error connecting to mail server.”

    Ideas? Thanks in advance.

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  • Plugin Author Kat Hagan


    Sorry you’re having trouble! “Error connecting to mail server” DOES in fact mean that the mail server isn’t accepting the connection on the given port — if the username/password was incorrect, it would say so (something like “authentication failure” IIRC).

    (Though, I do believe that the mail server doesn’t distinguish between a general authentication failure — e.g., wrong password — and the account not existing.)

    What port number are you using? It should be 995 for POP3 and 993 for IMAP, and SSL should always be enabled (Gmail requires it).

    Have you tried connecting to your Gmail account from a standalone mail client?



    I am having this same problem. I’ve tried POP3 and IMAP with both engaged in Gmail. All the settings are correct and I know this because I can log in via outlook. I’ve also tried with an email address from my own web page and keep getting “An error occurred: Error connecting to mail server”. Imap for gmail server 993 port SSL engaged.

    Plugin Author Kat Hagan


    Hi ufdemt15,

    Have you tried telnetting to the IMAP or POP3 port in question from the server that’s running WP? Is it possible those ports are getting blocked by your host?

    Hi friends, I was having same error code, “Error connecting to mail server” My site is hosted by Godaddy, I do have the SSL. I got GoDad tech to walk me through the Mail Server, Port, Log-in-Name steps in C-Panel at GD and on Mailbox Details on PostByE plugin tools. Got error. After finding this support-string I called GoDad back. Here’s what I learned: The tech explained, ever so patiently waving her tail, Port 80 is the outgoing port (and it’s the one GD told me therefore I was using). She said, Port 993 is the Incoming port. (How was I to know?) She added, 465 is the outgoing…. Still I don’t know what’s port to what, which is the giver and which is the receiver, like? If you brilliant techs comprende better than I, maybe explain it a bit more on the instructions?
    Thanks for the Plug in, now I’ll go see if I like it as much as I think I will.

    Plugin Author Kat Hagan


    Hi lolligag,

    Sorry for the confusion. The “incoming” and “outgoing” terminology refers to the perspective of the mail server, not the client. So the “incoming” port is what you use to CHECK mail, whereas the “outgoing” port is the one you use to SEND mail (like, for example, when you configure Outlook to send messages via your company’s email service).

    Adding to the confusion, there are different port numbers for the different protocols, as well as for whether or not you want a secure connection. You can think of this as analagous to having multiple service windows in a store, where people who prefer to speak English go to one window, while people who prefer Spanish go to another. The client is basically saying “I want to speak POP3 to you, server”, but if it mistakenly tries to do so at the IMAP window, the client and server will be unable to communicate.

    Hope this makes sense. Were you able to get it working with the new settings?

    Hey! Was there ever a solution for this? I’m having the same issue with both Gmail and Yahoo. Same error, tried both POP and IMap using the settings Gmail gives (, 993, etc).

    I’m on a new installation of WordPress, and using the most recent version of this plugin.

    Just wrote a post outlining my recent learnings on this topic.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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