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    I have 2 very simple questions.

    1. Are plugin translatable strings WITHOUT a text domain specified also added to a plugin translation on ?
    (eg: __( ‘Settings’ ) )

    Side note1: I have stumbled onto a very popular plugin in the repository that includes 50 of such translatable strings…

    2. Is this being done intentionally by GlotPress on And if so, why ?

    Side note2: I’m fully aware of the following extract from the WordPress Plugin Developer Handbook:

    If there are strings in your plugin that are also used in WordPress core (e.g. ‘Settings’), you should still add your own text domain to them, otherwise they’ll become untranslated if the core string changes (which happens).

    Thank you.

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    Plugin Contributor Pedro Mendonça


    Hi @nlpro,

    1. The strings in GlotPress are imported from the parsed code of each plugin. GlotPress won’t check wether there is a textdomain or not. If there is a Gettext function, the string is added/updated on the translation table.

    About the side note 1, yes there are many plugins/themes where it happens, intentionally or not, wich leads to the next anwser.

    2. I guess it’s not up to GlotPress to check if a specific string has the correct textdomain. The same happens when you import originals from a .pot file, textdomain isn’t even used. Some authors may forget adding textdomain, but surely some intentionally omit it so the plugin uses the translation from core, which is wrong, as it is explained in the quote from the developer handbook. Also this generates confusion, because translators do have to translate it so the plugin gets to the minimum threshold to generate language packs, and those translations with no textdomain will never be used.

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    Hi @pedromendonca,

    Appreciate your response 😉

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