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    Further bug report/feature requests/feedback:

    With regard to the page:
    • It is only listing the first 10 terms on the page. I would prefer to have it list more, or perhaps all – without that affecting other pieces of my website, such as my blog roll.
    • To get to the next page of terms, you have to click “older posts”, and once you do, to go back to the first page you have to click “newer posts” – this could be quite confusing to people using the site. Perhaps if it goes over one page, it should say “Next Terms” and to go back to the previous page of terms it could say “Previous Terms”? “Older” and “Newer” make no sense with an alphabetical list.
    • A Recent Posts widget on the glossary page instead of displaying the last 10 posts is displaying the 10 first alphabetical posts – something about your making the terms display alphabetically seems to have inadvertently changed how the widget displays info on this page. On the other pages the widget works correctly. How can we keep the glossary alphabetical without that reordering the lists within the widgets on the same page? Again, that widget works just fine on the other pages, just not on the glossary page.

    With regard to an individual term’s page, such as
    • Above the term to the left and to the right are two other terms. This would be great if the term in the upper left was the one alphabetically prior and the one to the upper right was the following alphabetical term, but it instead appears that the term to the upper left was the one *written* before the current term, and the one on the upper right written after the current term. This would also I think confuse visitors. I think the solution is not either do not have link to the previous or following terms on individual term pages, or better yet, have the links be to the previous and next *alphabetical* terms.
    • At the bottom of every individual term’s page is a box that says “Comments are closed” – it would be lovely to eliminate this box entirely – for terms only, of course. This is not a vital change as it doesn’t affect functionality the way the above one do, but it would be nice not to have anything about comments on the individual term pages.

    Finally, while I am providing feedback, under each and every term (whether in the glossary page or on an individual term’s page) is a line that says (on mine, anyways):
    “Published January 6, 2013 | By benngrant | Edit”

    I would love to have that line suppressed if possible for all terms – but that is not a dealbreaker if it doesn’t work out – the above items are *far* more important.

    Thanks for all that you do!

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  • These issues are still happening – and word on fixes?

    Plugin Author TCBarrett


    Hi sindyr

    1) This is a general archive setting. I’ll add an option to change this to my to-do list.
    2) This is a theme feature that is tricky to interact with nicely via plugin.
    3) Recent posts widget – this is displaying *non glossary* posts alphabetically on glossary archive page?
    4) as 2)
    5) as 2)
    6) as 2)

    The last are most effeciently fixed by creating your own single-glossary.php template file, and putting it in your *theme* (in the place as single.php)

    Thanks for the feedback 🙂

    >>3) Recent posts widget – this is displaying *non glossary* posts alphabetically on glossary archive page?

    Yes, I have a widget on the left side that is supposed to show the last ten posts. Instead, only on the glossary page, it shows the first ten *alphabetical* posts. Somehow the alphabetizing of the glossary is overriding the sorting within the widget on the left side.

    Plugin Author TCBarrett


    I think I have an idea why that is. Thanks.

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