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  1. gallantfish
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I tried to "Talk" (not even edit) in the $globals codex page and suddenly it said I can't edit (create, because there was no talk) Is that normal? How do an new user (not user?) requests for an edit? (I didn't even try edit, because I prefer some expert to review it.

    Here's the talk (suggestion/request)

    Some mistakes here:

    • $pages is not an integer as said here.
    • The more tag is not only related to multiple pages.
    • Also, $more is NOT related to $pages or $page. Maybe indirectly (second pages would set it to 1)

    Also, I propose a way to avoid confusion with a "page", and call (sub)page to each piece the post/page has been broken into.
    I bolded each important piece of information each variable refers to in the description, and re-ordered them to keep a good flow of the data presented.

    I suggest:

    • $multipage (boolean) True if the queried post has been split into (sub)pages (with <!--nextpage-->) Related to $page.
    • $numpages (int) The number of (sub)pages the post has been split into. Related to $page.
    • $page (int) The current (sub)page (from query var "page". E.g. somepost/page/2)
    • $pages (array) An array with the contents for each (sub)page the post has been split into.
    • $more (boolean) True = the teaser should be NOT be stripped (e.g. single, page, or feed) Related to $page
  2. gallantfish
    Posted 2 years ago #

    $more: True = the part after the teaser should not be stripped.

    ( I find so confusing when people mix up "display" and "tag" and "hide" and "link text" and "show more" and "excerpt" and "teaser"…

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