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    I posted this problem in another area but have since discovered it is related to multisite and global_terms_enabled:

    There is no way to edit category, link_category, or tag slugs due to global_terms_enabled.

    1) What is global_terms_enabled, and what happens if it is disabled in a multisite install?

    2) How do I disable it to regain slug-editing functionality?

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  • ok… I managed to figure out how to disable them. Now I need to understand the implications of what I have done.

    // disable global terms to make category, link_category, and tag slugs editable
    function disable_global_terms($enablefalse) {
       return 0;
    add_filter( 'global_terms_enabled', 'disable_global_terms' );

    It’s deprecated and not really used in the network. Also, it never did what you think it may do.

    You can actually go change that value in the db to a 0 instead of running that code all the time too.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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