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Global Translator Cache Inodes Cleanup

  • The global translator has pages cached for all the different languages and these cached pages are using a huge number of inodes (119316). The plugin has worked well, and I get a good many foreign visitors to my site because of it. However, hostgator no longer backs up my account due to inode count (unless I specifically request it each time). Some of the cache is labeled stale and that directory has 83806 inodes, thus putting my total inode count well over the 100,000 max for automated hostgator backups.

    I hope to uninstall this plugin in the not so distant future, but in the short term, I’d really like to clean up the cache — remove the stale pages. Is there any way to do this without getting 404 errors and without doing some of the fixes I’m reading about here? Or am I stuck with uninstalling and doing the fixes people have reported here.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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