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  • While adding a hyperlink to text in a WordPress site, I realized I would have to go through every page to add the same hyperlink for the same text.

    So why not have a global hyperlink option inside the hyperlinking box that allows the same text to be linked to the same hyperlink throughout the entire site?

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    Shouldn’t you use WordPress to manage your content and separate out Web development? You can include templates in all pages if you want, for example the header and footer are common templates that appear in all pages.

    I’ll restate the question: I have not found a way in WordPress to have the same word linked to the same hypertext throughout the site. For example, if I have a site with 30 pages and the word “asthma” on every page, I would like to link the word to the same hyperlink without having to edit and link the word 30 times on 30 separate pages.

    Instead, when linking a word, there should be an option to globally hyperlink the exact same word on all pages throughout the site.



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    I think there are plugins that do that:

    Thanks, I also searched and evaluated many of the plug-ins. I found some unused and obsolete plug-ins that had similar features. What I’m looking for is some support for having WordPress add a single check-box option for making hyperlinks work globally,

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    Why do you want WordPress to do this and not a plugin other than you can’t find a suitable plugin?

    I think this is a good fit for WordPress integration since it already has a hyperlink button on the editor toolbar. I shouldn’t have to go through every page in a site to perform the same hyperlink operation when WordPress can already search the database of all pages and implement the change globally. Without the global link feature, its like having a word processor that doesn’t have search & replace.

    This is plugin territory. As much as there’s a lot of people that owuld use this (as seen by the availability of plugins that do this) it’s really something that’s not going to be utilised by enough users to justify adding more bloat to the core codebase.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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