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  • There is nothing added here that I can’t get from free plugins.

    Also the Snippet Preview looks eerily similar to another much more robust and free plugin that I use.

    Don’t waste your time with this..

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  • Plugin Contributor Florin Muresan



    This comment is unfair to the entire community. Just comparing it to something free is unfair, especially because our plugin is free to use as well. Document yourself first before making false claims that damage the experience of WordPress users.

    Second, Squirrly offers for the PRO Plan a keyword research module that analyses and suggests great keywords that you can use to rank higher. Which no free plugin offers.

    Third, the Inspiration Box with the KeenSkim filter is also not to be found in ANY free plugin.

    This comment is unfair and unjust. Please remove it, as it only confuses people and makes false accusations.

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    It’s an opinion, and as such it’s perfectly valid (presuming the user actually tried the plugin). We leave these posts standing to offer the plugin devs the chance to convert this to a better review.

    It honestly seems to me like the company spokesperson is trying to pressure WordPress into forcing any negative reaction to their product off of the boards. I agree with the 1st gentleman you can get much better snippet it plug-ins for free.

    I’ve never seen somebody use the argument they can’t say that about this product because it’s anyone who tries to voice a real opinion about your plug-in you don’t like you scream bloody murder. Look at this quote from you regarding this statement that you can get “Snippet Previews” that are free and in his opinion from a better plug in your response

    Just comparing it to something free is unfair, especially because our plugin is free to use as well.

    excuse me that is just way overboard the guy didn’t like what he tried. I understand where he’s coming from I feel the same way. To I have to document everything in order to tell people truth regarding how I feel about using your product?
    I would be happy to do that however it’s not worth it. Your response freaks me out and makes me trust your company even less. Before I read this you just I thought made a plug-in I really did not like now I think you are trying to strong-arm people. I don’t trust any of the reviews if you act like this over somebody saying something completely with in their rights and completely legitimate.

    Plugin Contributor Florin Muresan


    Hey there,

    Writing hurtful reviews, when users don’t even test the whole plugin is wrong.

    You can refer to some real reviews written by real people if you go to our site and check the Reviews section.

    I am sorry to hear that you did not like the plugin, but none of you managed to say why it was a bad experience, only that you felt like you like either Yoast or Scribe better, which I can definitely respect, but it does not make sense for a WP directory review.

    A lot of our paying customers are using both our plugin and Yoast’s wp seo. You should consider that and trust me, some of them are very good marketeers, so don’t call them names and say that they don’t know their stuff.

    Stop attacking our customers!

    Best regards,

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