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    I got a glitchy thing when loading pages using chrome

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hello @ryder203,
    The glitchy effect is actually coming from your share buttons.
    Ninja Tables does not produce those colors for splashing moment.


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    Thanks, Sir. I was acutally in a hurry and did not think about pressing pause on the video.

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    OK, tested it with deactivated NinjaTable and I guess I have to contact the Shariff Wrapper devs. Sorry for the false bug report and thanks for your work and support.

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    No Problem @ryder203
    Thanks for using Ninja Tables <3

    For goodness grief-sakes man…Do you think you can complain just a bit more. I was astonished over how negative one of your comments was relating to the wp-all in one migrate plugin, thus spurring my curiosity about the details. I noticed that an excessive amount of your commentary was nasty and derogatory, while during other exchanges, seeking to assume the role of a meek and lowly, having inadequate fund resources college student seeking the benefit of free software to advance your selfish cause playing the role of webmaster, or whatever it is you claim to do with these handouts. Whatever the case may be, irregardless, your demonstration exemplifies a nature of spoiled self entitlement, and in every way, fell short of anyone to some degree consuming knowledge which should reveal some level of understanding. If the latter is not possible due to a lack of capacity, and ignorance should prevail, it is certainly ok. I am not here to criticize the retarded. However, usually even those challenged by intellect offer some degree of humility and respect for others, for I have rarely seen such disrespect put forth through the tantrums of children.
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    I see that the contributions made by all of the programmers willing to lend over their time and effort, manifest in their code requires a great deal of skill and sacrifice, and usually returning little reward. Truly, there are those who wish to receive compensation, and some roll over to tactics that may seem apparently underhanded or sneaky, but that is the nature of business. Meanwhile, most of these contributors lend their works as merely favor and at the greatest, some level of self-satisfaction. I have found that most are willing to offer up their council for little to nothing, especially when treated with respect.
    So, I would urge you, if not for their benefit (although, they are most worthy and more than the above entitled), then out of your own sense of self-respect and dignity to appeal to your good nature, and if none such abound, then in the rally toward just being civil, consider how you convey your frustration over your own inadequacy relating to the field of C.S.; for it is not their fault or their responsibility to see to your achievement and successes in whatever you may endeavor. Instead, be thankful for whatever information they may offer you. Their talents came with a cost, and so should be at least paid in respect out of humility.
    With Respect,

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    Hello @trulove,
    I am not sure what do you want to tell here.

    Would you please keep it small and let me know what’s the issue.

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