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  • edelen


    Updated to 2.7 last night, but despite all the hoopla about speed, this appears to be the slowest WordPress ever:

    It often take 2-3 minutes to load a single operation/page in the dashboard.

    My page load speeds on the front end now take twice as long, though with a couple fewer queries.

    What gives? Anyone else experiencing hideous performance?

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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    I find 2.7 to be quite fast by comparison to 2.6. However, I am using Gears and the Turbo function in WordPress. You might give that a shot, it helps a lot on slow hosts.

    Which browser are you using?



    I’m seeing this as well.

    Testing from Firefox 3/Mac and IE8/WinVista.

    My blog index took 3 minutes to load as measured by FireBug.

    Something is clearly not right somewhere.




    Thank you for your reply.

    My understanding is that the boost Gears is supposed to offer is actually built into Firefox 3.X already, making Gears unnecessary:

    Why add it then? I ran Firefox with and without Gears using 2.6.5 and recorded no discernible difference in response times. All I got was a bunch of unwanted, intrusive, CPU-hogging Google processes and less HD space.

    My host is pretty speedy, too.



    I’m having this same issue, it’s terribly slow! My Dashboard takes forever to load, and once loaded it is not very responsive to scrolling. I’m running a 3ghz mac with firefox 3, have yet to test it with other browsers and OS’s but this is ridiculous!

    Is it possibly a plugin, however? I deactivated Stats plugin and the pages zoomed by and were responsive to scrolling. I enabled it again and same deal…

    Any ideas?

    EDIT: Hm this is weird. Firefox and IE on Windows XP have no problem. Safari for the Mac has no problem. But somehow Firefox 3 for Mac takes forever. Disabling all extensions to Firefox do nothing. ??? Anyone else having these issues?

    I even thought that perhaps my version of Flash was outdated (since it’s only the WPstats that slow it all down, and that’s all flash) but even installing the latest version hasn’t changed a thing…



    i had this problem as well. it was almost as if the page was hanging. sometimes i could log in to the admin section okay, and sometimes it would hang. i also got a few blank white screens when trying to install.

    the only way i could fix it was to wipe the old wordpress completely and do a completely new install. then it worked perfectly. and the speed is normal now.

    i thought it might be a plug-in issue at first, but i have turned them all back on now are they are all okay. (i use akismet, xml-sitemaps, wp-stats, all-in-one-seo, wp-grins)



    I have the same, on 2 different sites. FF3 on Mac. Safari seems to do fine and a local clean install doesn’t have the same problem. Very weird



    I am having the same slow issues on both Firefox and Opera. Between this and the image upload issues, I am about to go back to 2.6

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    My understanding is that the boost Gears is supposed to offer is actually built into Firefox 3.X already, making Gears unnecessary:

    Sorry, but no, you understood wrong.

    Firefox 3.0 has functionality from HTML 5 that is similar to Gears, but it is not Gears and it is not compatible with Gears. WordPress does not support this functionality yet, because with Firefox 3.0, there is actually no benefit to using it, it doesn’t speed up anything.

    Firefox 3.1 will have improvements that allow use of those features to cause actual speedups, but until that happens, WordPress does not support it.

    Also, Gears adds a heck of a lot of extra functionality that WordPress is looking into using for enhancements as well. None of which is in HTML 5 or Firefox. All around, Gears is a heck of a good development platform, IMO.

    I ran Firefox with and without Gears using 2.6.5 and recorded no discernible difference in response times.

    I’d have to disagree with you there, the difference is immediately noticeable to me, especially on the edit posts screens, even on very fast connections.



    This morning it took a skootch over four minutes to get to a fully loaded dashboard after clicking the login button. Used to take 45 seconds.

    And that’s WITH Google Gears installed and fewer plugins running than in 2.6.5.

    My connection is fine, too, as I have no problems with other sites.



    Some of the lag in the Dashboard might be from it grabbing those RSS feeds from the WordPress Development Blog and other sources. In any event, my blog is just as quick as it’s ever been. Dashboard takes around 5-7 seconds to load when doing a forced refresh; otherwise, it’s a couple seconds.

    Using FF 3.0.4 on a P4-2.4Ghz system with 1 Gig, Windows XP Home.

    Using Akismet, All in one SEO Pack, Register Plus, Math Comment Spam Protecttion, TinyMCE Advanced, and WP-Syntax plug-ins.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    over four minutes…Used to take 45 seconds.

    Your problem is NOT WordPress. No sane system would take 45 seconds, much less 4 minutes, to load a webpage. I’d be annoyed if it took more than 10 seconds, on a heavily overloaded shared server.

    My advice to you is to switch hosts to one that doesn’t overload their servers so horribly badly. Even the cheapest crappiest hosting I know of (GoDaddy) is better than that.

    I’ve heard good things about A Small Orange, and I will probably be switching to them soon.



    I upgraded 2.5 to 2.7 and my site now seems faster (all browsers, dashboard included, shared hosting) and I’m not using Gears or Turbo.

    So any front end gears available

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