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  • Originally installed WP in a subdirectory while we got it to where we wanted it. Root contained an old-fashioned html site. Eliminated old html site, used instructions in the ‘giving WP its own directory’ article to try to have home/landing page in root, running rest of blog site from subdirectory. Unfortunately, hosting with Yahoo and there either is no .htaccess file or you are not permitted to see it by Yahoo (confirmed w/tech support-don’t ask me why). Files with ‘dot’ leaders cannot be created on Yahoo, nor can files be renamed with ‘dot’ leaders. In other words, .htaccess is impossible to use on Yahoo. Copying index.php to root and inserting redirect to subdirectory per the WP Codex article allows home/landing page to come up, but all permalinks are broken (dashboard is accessible). Changing it back to having the blog only in subdirectory (not root) fixes it. Yahoo’s only solution is permanent re-direct to subdirectory with that code in index.php file in root. Not as elegant and may be confusing to our older users. Any solution? Site is

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  • move the whole thing one level up, to the root directory.

    Well, yes, but why doesn’t the Codex article suggestion work? And since it’s yahoo, I can’t migrate the .htaccess file that seems to be so important to permalinks when moving all the files up to root from current subdirectory. So fonglh, have you migrated the whole thing up one level in yahoo with no problem? Has anyone?

    I’ve done ‘giving WP its own directory’ successfully, so those instructions work. Never done it on Yahoo, so I did have the .htaccess file.

    Are you using pretty permalinks now? If you are, then you can use a .htaccess file. If you aren’t, then it doesn’t matter when you move it up one level.

    Have you tried creating .htaccess through other means? Even if they block the creation or renaming of such files through a web based file manager, you might be able to do it through FTP or SSH.

    I was on the phone w/yahoo tech support for an hour – he made it clear that it was impossible to create, store, or upload an .htaccess file on their servers – he claimed it was a security issue. Permalinks exist on our site to control the other pages we run in addition to the blog page – they are all permalinked, and they are what break when we try to run from root using the ‘giving wp its own directory’ suggestions. The workaround for now is a ‘permanent redirect’ script in an index.php in root – not what I had in mind, but for the time being…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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