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  • I installed in root and that wouldn’t work as client had an index.html there they wanted to keep live.
    So I followed these directions : give wp it’s own directory

    and I have an install i can work on now.

    But how do I go about getting this back into root after I have it all styled and set up? Do I just reverse the process? Right now it is in a folder called /setup/ and we won’t want that as part of the url.
    And I am a bit brain fried.

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  • if you install in the directory, your url will be in that directory that you created. by right you should install in your root in the first place. You can try move all your wordpress files from the directory and move it to your root. Make sure you have a backup in case it doesnt work


    the instructions you’ve read give you the instructions to do exactly what you need. follow them in sequence and not in reverse.

    Note the files that have to be copied and the code that has to be changed. (Steps 7-9)


    following the instructions on that codex page allows the WordPress files to be in, while the site itself is reached at

    it’s not necessary to have the install in root to have the site reachable at root.

    So, fonglh, for right now all is working just dandy, client has index.html LIVE and I have WP set up with:
    WordPress address (URL)
    Site address (URL)

    And now when ready to go live with the WP and lose the index.html, I just change the site address back to and all will work with out the /setup/ folder showing in the url?

    Cool. I never realized that was how that worked for some odd reason.

    you’ll have to copy the index.php and .htaccess files to the root folder (where index.html is now) and make some changes to them.

    those are the steps that are given on the codex page.

    Got it thanks!

    Another question on this, If I add content such as photos to the site while in development phase, will I need to reupload those or will the changes to the index.php and .htaccess be all that needs to be changed?

    I am trying to decide how much content to add before going live.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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