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  • Hiya.

    I currently have my site in a sub-directory called wordpress. I pointed the home site URL to the subdirectory using the information in your Codex “Pointing your home site’s URL to a subdirectory” as it seemed the easiest way to do it quickly and I was a complete novice.

    I’m now feeling a little bit braver (only a little mind 😉 ) and I want to change it so that the subdirectory name doesn’t feature in the URL so my understanding is that I should use the “Using a pre-existing subdirectory install” section. So that instead of getting etc. I will get Is this correct?

    Do I need to remove the code I originally input to the .htaccess file (the bit about Rewrite Engine On etc.) or will this be automatically overwritten.

    As my wordpress site is still on the same subdirectory, do I need to do all the search and replace on the database to change the urls?

    Will all this moving about affect my Google page ranking?

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  • Can anyone help me with this? Would be much appreciated.

    Oh gosh – is there really no-one can help me with this?

    Is there anywhere else I can go for help?

    Is this what you are using?

    It’s pretty specific…

    BTW, make sure make a complete back-up of your site before you mess with this :)!

    Thank you for your reply 🙂

    Yup – that’s the article I was reading. I just want to be to 100% sure I’m understanding it properly.
    (a) is it going to do what I want it to do?
    (b) I guess I can just remove the original bit of code?
    (c) Unclear on whether I need to do anything with the urls
    (d) No mention of page ranking, will it be affected? I’ve worked hard on getting my page rank up from 40something to 3.

    Yes, backup, backup, backup ….. and bite nails down to the quick 😉

    I guess my biggest worry is urls. I’ve got hundreds, which have got the wordpress bit in them. Will they all become invalid once I reset the url – or will they at least still work (although for tidiness’s sake would be better stripped of the wordpress bit)?

    Following up on this as I didn’t have enough answers at the time to feel competent to do it five months ago. Really hoping to get it sorted now if someone can reassure me re. the points above.

    Also a bit confused where it says 6. Edit your root directory’s index.php. Does this mean the new one that I’ve just copied there? I already have an index.php in my root directory although the only thing in there is related to a piece of the site which I no longer use, so maybe I can just delete it before I go ahead with the instructions?

    There’s not a lot of help for this issue 🙁
    Is there a better place for me to be posting it?
    Really don’t want to wreck my site trying it out without a bit of reassurance on the above points.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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