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  • Hello everyone,

    I am trying to set up a wordpress website for the first time collecting information here and there; unfortunately I am not very knowledgeable and I am experiencing a problem I quite don’t know how to solve (unless starting all the installation process all over again).

    I set up WordPress and it seems to be working, but I have problems with giving it its own directory. I followed the second step-by-step guide (Using a pre-existing subdirectory install) at this page:
    However, for some reason, my subdirectory install does not look like this: mywebsite/wordpress
    But it is actually a sub-subdirectory that looks like this: mywebsite/subdirectory/wordpress
    Following some good man’s advice, in fact, I created a subdirectory where I installed wordpress in, through FTP protocol using Filezilla. I did not realise that it was in fact a sub-subdirectory.
    However, I tried following the step-by-step guide linked above but I am afriad it doesn’t work when it has to deal with 2 subdirectories.
    I am confused now: Filezilla doesn’t not show me 2 subdirectories, but it shows as if the wordpress directory was create inside the website’s root directory.

    What I actually have:
    –sub-subdirectory (wordpress installation directory)

    What Filezilla shows:
    root (which I believe it’s not the root, but the subdirectory)
    -sub-subdirectory (where wordpress is installed)

    I think this might have happened when, in the CPanel of my domain host I created a FTP account which I could use to install WordPress: at that moment a folder was also created, a folder that is actually the subdirectory.

    Is there any way I can correct this without starting the installation all over again?

    If yes, what will happen to the wordpress account (username and password) i created for my website? will it be erased with the FTP account and the mySQL database from my CPanel or should I keep my login details cos it’ll still be active?

    Thank you very much, I wish you a great 2013!

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  • To clarify the root is what would be viewable at the actual link to your website without any slashes. And your FTP client could be set to a folder inside of the root, which is what it sounds like.

    Okay, where exactly are you trying to put WordPress? And where would you like it to be viewable? Are you trying to put it in a folder called “wordpress” for instance, but be viewable at the root of your domain?

    Yes, you can move the install from where it is and put it where you want to. You just need to change the WordPress address and site address after you physically place the install where you want it to be (if that’s what you want to do, I’m still a bit confused what you’re exact plan is). You may have to do this through the database if you don’t see the options in Settings.

    Hi Cyndy, thanks for your reply.

    What I’m trying to do is exactly what you wrote:

    Are you trying to put it in a folder called “wordpress” for instance, but be viewable at the root of your domain?

    Yes, the only problem is that wordpress is “installed” in a folder within another folder within the root. And I think that might be why even following that guide, the process didn’t work.

    And your FTP client could be set to a folder inside of the root, which is what it sounds like.

    This is probably the problem. I have a folder inside of the root ( to which my FTP client is set up and inside this folder, I have a sub-folder ( where I put wordpress. Now I’m trying to have my wordpress website viewable at the link

    I’m not sure why my FTP client is set to a and not to my root. Do you have any idea? Does it have something to do with creating an FTP account in my CPanel? I thought I followed an online tutorial step by step, but I eventually ended up having a different result.

    Hmm. Well, probably.

    Most of the time hosting providers automatically set up an FTP account. (It’s often the same credentials you use to log into cPanel.) That one account should have access to not just the root, but also above it as well. It varies depending on your host/plan. You can still use that other account you created; you’d just need to alter it so it had access to the root.

    If you need more specific help on all that, you’re best bet would be to contact your webhost’s support directly. But it sounds like once you get the FTP stuff straightened out, you can set things up just fine following the guide.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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