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  • I would like to set up a section of my site where people can post and edit their own resumes (part of a career center section). So idealy I’d like users to be able to register themselves, then see a customized post.php page … one that has a more helpful description for each box to be filled in, using specific meta’s for specific resume-related items, and things like the category selection, password, and such hidden but selected correctly. Then the only other thing they should be able to do is get to an Edit page to edit their post once it’s live, and also the Your Profile page. But that’s it! I don’t want them to see (even though they can’t edit) all the posts I’ve made to the rest of the site, the Dashboard, Categories, etc that’s normally shown in the admin section.

    Should I do this by copying post.php to something like post-resume.php, and then editing that file to get it more restricted like I’d like, and then change the login.php redirect to now take people to the new post-resume page? Any other better ideas or plug-ins I haven’t been able to find yet?

    Thanks! -Mike

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  • OK, four days and time for a bump. I haven’t come up with any better ideas than the one above. Any other ideas or suggestions?

    Writing a custom post page is probably the way to go.

    It’s actually fairly easy to write a from-scratch “post form” (see my plugin for an example). Your post form can call the wp-admin/post.php page with appropriately named fields and it will do the right thing.

    Plus, if you add a hook into the publish_post function, you can redirect back to wherever you want (such as the REFERER page, which is what I do).

    Thanks for the tip! I actually ran across your quick-post plugin, but hadn’t looked carefully enough at it. I like what you’ve done and I think I’ll first try just making a special page that uses your quick-post plugin so that registered users can submit their own simple posting, and perhaps I’ll add a couple more fields and helpful text so people know what they should post. I like how you have the rest of the fields hidden, but it still uses all the built-in posting codes.

    Thanks! -Mike

    No problem, I’m glad you found it useful 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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