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  • Having changed all 60 of my Infusionsoft forms on my website so that they had the tickbox for opt-in consent, it appears that consent is not actually applied to the individuals record when the form is completed! So, all the downloads still belong to email addresses that are unconfirmed.

    Which has left me unsure what, if anything, the opt-in consent tickbox does? How does it change the record at all?

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  • This appears to be functioning correctly. It was not designed to do this. Here’s why:

    User gives fake email, user clicks button, user is marked as having email confirmed, user did NOT in fact confirm email.

    Marking someone as confirmed that has not confirmed messes up a lot of stuff that I won’t go into here. The point is to have them receive the email and click something saying they got it and they want more.

    That box is purely there as a sort of catchall “by clicking here you agree to let us send whatever we want to send you whenever we want… enjoy”. This way if someone complains you can say… well I had that checkbox that said you agreed to get my stuff.

    Side note: I don’t personally use this

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    Thanks Matthew – as ever, appreciate your response. I’ve spent a LOT of time with IS support today … and am still unsure what, if anything, that tick box does.

    I do now know the difference between opt-in consent (what the tick box asks for) and confirmed email addresses – which you mention.

    However, when that tick box is ticked vs. when it is not ticked, it does not seem to change the users record in any way. If they leave it unticked, they still get on the database, they’re not flagged as ‘Non Marketable’, or anything like that that you might expect. They just get right on the database and are treated like anyone else.

    For that reason alone, I’m removing the tick boxes. If someone does not tick the box, but still gets all our email comms, then they’re going to be justifiably angry!

    Weird that it just doesn’t seem to do anything.

    thanks for weighing in.

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