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  • Just installed it after the worldwide warning today.
    The tour is quite a read out for dummies like me…
    But even I managed to understand the beautiful secrets of Wordfence.

    Well, now we are more than a year further. And I can tell you this plugin is a GEM!! It works axactly like you want it.

    In april 2016 with a big upgrade to a FANTASTIC firewall, some of us (me too) had some trouble with a blanc display (while WF worked perfectly – only not visible), but the support was SO GREAT!!!
    It turned out to be a conflict with other plugins who were not compatible with the newest WordPress.

    So be SURE all your plugins are compatible with your WordPress version.

    Right after the new update (6.2.7) on december 1st 2016: Suddenly I get this warning:

    “Unable to accurately detect IPs

    Issue first detected: 35 mins ago.
    Severity: Warning
    Status New

    Wordfence was unable to validate a test request to your website. This can happen if your website is behind a proxy that does not use one of the standard ways to convey the IP of the request or it is unreachable publicly. IP blocking and live traffic information may not be accurate”

    Then there is a link to your big info-site, where I totally lost my way. I don’t understand a word what is told there. So I don’t know whether this warning is important or not at all…
    And that scares me. So my rating loses one star. Maybe somebody from Wordfence can reassure me??

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