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  • I followed the directions found at Giving_WordPress_Its_Own_Directory so that I could put my blog’s index as the root index. Currently, I have a main site ( and a blog (

    However, after following the instructions, it didn’t work. I read, re-read, checked more times than Santa checks his list to make sure I didn’t miss anything. However, the site doesn’t pull the information correctly when the blog index is set as the root index and WP is in its own subdirectory.

    Here’s how the blog should look: Right look
    Here’s what the root index looks like when I follow the instructions: Wrong look in Firefox look in IE 7

    I have no idea what could cause this.

    – I’ve checked the .htaccess in the root and even had it contain the same exact content as the .htaccess in the /blog/ directory.

    – I did not remove the index.php nor the .htaccess from the /blog directory, nor did I change those.

    – I ensured I followed the steps of the instructions exactly as they said (except my subdirectory is “blog” and not “wordpress”).

    I don’t know what to do or where to look. Please help.

    Also, I’m not a programmer, so highly technical language will confuse me. 🙂 Thank you for helping this newbie.

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