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  • Man, it is pain in something now to work in “global plugins” option. It goes faster to disable/enable them via WordPress plugin list.
    Was it 100% necessary to change ?

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  • Plugin Author Jeff Sterup


    Sorry. Not sure how it’s a pain. You just drag from the left and drop it on the right. People have complained about the buttons and amount of space for years.

    @foomagoo, I think the new feature is super cool ;). I find it very easy to manage the plugins with the drag and drop feature added in the latest version. For me this is a 10/10 addition to the plugin. Well done.


    All I know now I work with PO visibly slower.It takes me much more time for same tasks.

    Hey Jeff, would you consider doing a quick YouTube video tutorial on the logic of this? Seems to be confusing for some. It’s certainly a bit of a mindshift. I’m sure everyone will love it once they adjust to it, have it figured out and mastered.

    Just grab plugin with mouse and drag to right block.

    I also have to agree with Stagger Lee here, we have a lot of plugin and there’s a lot more scrolling with the new drag-n-drop layout.

    While I think it may become a good thing in the long run, it still needs some improvement.

    • The possibility to minimize “Disabled Standard” and “Disabled Mobile” sections
    • An hybrid checkboxes/drag-n-drop UI. For example, we could click on a plugin’s name in the “Available Items” list and then the checkboxes would display “Standard, “Mobile”, if the plugin has been dragged in one of the sections, the checkbox is automatically checked. If you check the checkbox, the plugin is automatically added to the appropriate section on the right.

    Not sure if this is doable but currently it’s a bit confusing because for a plugin on the left side, we have to scroll through both sections on the right to check if it has been disabled or not. It was quicker to know that with the checkboxes.

    Plugin Author Jeff Sterup


    I’ve got more changes coming. I’m re-doing the alerts using jquery UI dialog boxes to make it more mobile friendly. The current alerts I use with thickbox are not usable on mobile and are kind of a hack. I will implement the ability to minimize the disabled plugin lists. There shouldn’t have been any checkboxes visible in the previous versions. If you were seeing checkboxes then there was something wrong.

    Dont bother much about long scrolling down. It is not problem when all mouses have scroll wheel. Not a big deal if list is long. Not even when using finger in smartphones.

    When there were buttons I never experienced it as problem. 1-2 touches on mouse wheel and you are at the bottom of plugin list.

    One thing I personally find very iritating. When saving remove this popup. It is not needed. Specially because your plugin is non-destructive. Or put it at the top as Admin Notice.

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    Hey Jeff,

    Thanks for the quick replies as always.

    There isn’t any checkboxes indeed, but I think that’s still a great option since it’s much quicker to figure out the state of a specific plugin. You just don’t know the state of a plugin on the left side without sifting through both lists on the right. Scroll wheel or not, it was quicker to figure that out previously.

    Looking forward to the next changes!




    I have to second all the people that have found the new interface annoying. It is a GREAT Plugin, but it is harder to set all post, pages, global …and a lot of plugins. Those buttons were great!

    Cheers ya all

    In general, the drag and drop system is not a bad idea because its more clear but I think whats really absolutely confusing is that you dont drag and drop the plugins you would like to activate but those you want to deactivate. This is so extremely confusing for me because I want to see immediately which plugins are active. I think it would be much more user friendly if you have a list/overview of the plugins ACTIVATED and not of the deactivated ones. In my opinion the best solution would be that the plugins would disappear from the left list after drag and drop. So each plugin can only be either in the left (activated) or the right list (deactivated). Could you imagine to make this possible?

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    Best would be plugin is moved to right on double click. Then there is no need for buttons anymore, and who find it amusing to drag and drop it can do it.

    Plugin Author Jeff Sterup


    By default all plugins are active that you have activated through the WordPress plugins page. That’s how WordPress is without plugin organizer. So the list to the left is all the plugins with active and inactive listed. There is more than one list to the right when you have selective mobile plugin loading activated so making them disappear from the left wouldn’t allow you to drag them to more than one list on the right and would be very confusing. Why would you drag the plugins you want to activate since they are all active by default?

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    Yes I understood the system, but the reason why I want to drag the plugins I want to activate is that I have many plugins (around 30) but most of them are only needed on specific pages. Every page needs different plugins, p.e. Page 1 needs 3 plugins, Page 2 needs 5 other plugins and so on.

    This means that on every page, its important for me to easily see which plugins are active and not which are disabled.

    In the current system, I would always have to go through the hole list of available plugins and then disable all plugins I dont need which doesnt give me an clear overview over the few plugins that need to be enabled because I always have to compare the list of available plugins with the list of disabled plugins to see which plugins are eventually active. That makes sense for those who need more plugins enabled than disabled and just want to disable a few plugins on a few pages but in my case, its the opposite: I want most of them to be disabled and selectively enable a few plugins. Do you understand my problem?

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    Takes me now all from 20 up to 50 times more time for same amount of work compared to before when there were buttons. Insane.

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