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    I have created a page in wordpress and am clicking on the “Give Shortcodes” button in the editor.

    When I click on this button, a very thin (I almost missed it) box occurs to the left of the edit area with the following message:

    “ailed to load plugin: give_shortcode from url https://mytheoreticaldomain/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/give_shortcode/plugin.min.js”

    I am assuming there is an “f” at the beginning that I just cannot see.

    Interestingly, the error message is only 1 letter wide. In other words, I had to cut and paste this vertical message somewhere else to even read it.

    I went into my FTP program and looked for the offending file.

    There is no “give_shortcode” folder under the “wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins” directory.

    Anybody know what is going on?

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    I have done some further work on this.

    I used the Health Check and Troubleshooting Plugin from the WordPress Community and disabled all plugins but Give and the classic editor.

    I reverted to the default theme twenty-nineteen.

    The error still happened in the same way.

    I did it all in an incongnito browser with no plugins and had the same problem.

    For added measure I installed Give WP on a totally different site hosted on a totally different webhost.

    Interestingly, I had the exact same problem.

    So I’m thinking there must be something really simple that I am missing here.

    Thread Starter ThirstyJon


    I continued to search and found this thread:

    It basically says in that thread to make sure to click on the “visual” button on the wordpress classic editor, instead of leaving it on “text.”

    This does appear to solve the problem.

    Although that thread is a year old.

    I would have hoped this would have been fixed by now?

    Plugin Author Matt Cromwell


    HI there,

    That workaround you mention is not about our plugin — it’s not something we can fix. It’s just a matter of how extra markup can be carried over when copying/pasting into WordPress.

    But glad you got it worked out! Let us know if you have additional questions at all.

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