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  • Horrible. Most of your options are hidden, so you don’t even know they are there. Visually confusing because the interface keeps changing.

    I have a perfectly good theme that deals with 90% of the images — all I want the editor to do is insert text.

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  • Hi there, thanks for trying out Gutenberg! Sorry to hear that you haven’t had a good experience with it so far. The team is constantly improving Gutenberg, so yes, things are always changing. It’s feedback from folks in the community that helps the team understand where to improve.

    If you prefer the classic editor (especially for inserting text, as you mention), you can try using the Classic Block in Gutenberg. You can call it by using the inserter “Classic” or with the slash command “/c”. This block has the Classic toolbar and doesn’t break up your text into single blocks.

    If you’d rather not use Gutenberg, you can also use the Classic Editor Plugin (which will still be available after Gutenberg is added to Core).

    @courtneypk and how does one insert an image with the Classic Editor? While the “Add media” button just above the current editor isn’t strictly part of the current editor, it is still part of the editing process with the way WordPress currently works, so it should be included in the Classic editor block in Gutenberg.

    Hi @wickywills, as this is Josie’s review, please start a new thread in the Gutenberg support forums with your question. Thank you!


    One additional issue with this new editor is that its authors forgot about bloggers who insert code/software snippets that require syntax highlightingg. Syntax highlighter plugins are advanced with robust sets of options. Those plugins can’t be accessed when the Gutenberg editor is enabled, and it (the new editor) doesn’t offer an equivalent replacement.

    The Gutenberg project seems to have forgotten about these users, and in a super tech world, it’s a big miss. But it can still recover. =:)

    Thank you.

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    To be honest, I don’t have any problem with the current WordPress Update 5.0 that replaced the editor. However, it’s just more time consuming to type. For example, when I had to add a flash game, I just used the embed option for the tool that I added via WP-Edit Plugin, and it was just like pasting the URL. However, now I got to write the code, like <object…..height…. Width…..>. In the same way, changing heading was one click away, and now you got to do little more.. The latest update is kind of very.. very annoying.

    If I have to write HTML code, why won’t I used another platform? Why WordPress?

    an update should be made to make things easier and faster, this update does not do that. it also does serve the purposes of a little group of users, not the majority of them.
    what were you thinking?

    New editor is a complete failure!

    Don’t know what’s going on, but after using this new editor a few times, it always said “UPDATE FAILED”. I installed the old editor via the plug in and it works. This is crazy.

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    Hiya all!

    This is another users review from over 3 months ago, as such I am going to close it from further input that are unrelated here. The original reviewer may make changes to their review at any time on their own if they so desire, but for everyone else here, clearly seeing support, please open a support topic of your own.

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