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    I was reading https://wordpress.org/support/topic/set-default-donation-amount-to-0/ and I would like to know if it will be any update to use a value of 0 for a donation.

    The reason why I need to use 0 is because sometimes a donation is can be money or food, so people might get confused if there’s a default amount even if it’s $1

    Also, the problem is that if someone wants to donate food instead of money then the default amount of $1 is added, so asumming a goal amount of $100 now it shows that someone already gave $1 which is not accurate and the Goal now is $99.

    I tried to use the JS provided in https://wordpress.org/support/topic/set-default-donation-amount-to-0/ and while it works to set $0, it’s not possible to submit the donation because the validation fails, it requires a miniumum amount always.

    Thank you!
    Best Regards

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi @fernandobrenes!

    I’m happy to clarify.

    FIrst, you might like this Post from our BLog that walks through options for Offline Donations: https://givewp.com/great-ways-use-offline-donations/

    That includes some methods for non-cash gifts.

    As to why we haven’t built this into the core offering: Give is always going to focus on helping organizations and individuals raise money. All of the development decisions that we make are run through a filter of “does this help organizations and individuals to raise money on their WordPress site?”

    Allowing a form to submit with no dollar amount added begins to cross the line into making Give into something that it’s not: a contact form plugin, Donor Management software, etc.

    Plus, opening up for non-monetary “donations” opens up a slew of ways for SPAMmers and other bad actors to “submit” things to the site. Validating with a donation amount is one of the best ways to quell the tide of that sort of thing.

    The good news: if you want to extend Give to do something like you are looking at it’s open-source and fairly easily extensible for a skilled developer. Off the top of my head I don’t know where exactly to point you to make those changes, but I do suspect that it is indeed possible. The article I posted at the top starts toward that end.

    ​​Let me know if that resolves things, or if you need further assistance. ​Thanks for using Give! Have a great day.

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