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  • Hi there!

    Fabulous plugin. Clean, simple, effective. As you probably know, the WP Site Health check tool generates – in many cases – false positives. Your plugin helps solve most of them.

    Based on the above, in addition to using your plugin, would it be possible to provide a snippet (PHP Code) that will allow us to deactivate or disable the variable that may be causing the false positive? In our case, we had to deactivate “Scheduled Events.” Can you provide a snippet for this one to start with? 🙂

    Also, it would be much appreciated if you can publish the snippets in Github.

    By the way, it’s a known issue that WP’s Site Health check tool works well only when using WP_CRON not a Real Job Cron. Click here for more info (WP aware of the issue and working on a solution):

    Thank you!

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  • Follow-up …

    Performed some research after posting above inquiry. Link below solved above request, but would be great if you can review it and perhaps generate the snippet(s) requested – and posting them on Github. I’m not a developer, just a plain ‘ol WP user. Your decision, of course!

    How to Disable Tests in the WordPress Site Health Check Tool

    Based on the above, the snippet created to disable Scheduled Events is:

    function prefix_remove_scheduled_events( $tests ) {
        unset( $tests['direct']['scheduled_events'] );
        return $tests;
    add_filter( 'site_status_tests', 'prefix_remove_scheduled_events' );

    Above works (confirmed). We no longer get a Scheduled Event error message triggered due to using a Real Cron Job in lieu of WP_CRON.

    Input appreciated. Thank you!

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