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  • Any chance you can add a simple checkbox to this copy of the plugin?

    There are a lot of instances where this would come in handy:

    • Sign me up for newsletters
    • Request a representative to contact me
    • etc

    Wow, thanks for the quick fix…

    However, the new “checkbox” option doesn’t appear under the “Add a field” Type… Only in the original 13 pre-defined fields (first_name, last_name, email, phone, etc).

    Do you just need to add it to line 446?

    row += ‘<td><select name=”add_inputs[‘+i+’][type]”><option>text</option><option>textarea</option><option>hidden</option><option>select</option><option>checkbox</option></select></td>’;

    Added the checkbox to line 446 and tested it out… It works!

    Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it.

    Update – Instead of adding the code on lines 737 and 738, I revised the following code on line 695, so that the checkbox would appear to the left of the label text.

    if($input['type'] != 'hidden') {
    	if ($options['wpcf7css']) { $content .= '<p>'; }
    	if ($input['type'] == 'checkbox') {
    		$content .= "\t\n\t".'<input type="checkbox" id="sf_'.$id.'" class="w2linput checkbox" name="'.$id.'" value="'.$val.'" />'."\n\n";
    	$content .= "\t".'<label class="w2llabel'.$error.$input['type'].'" for="sf_'.$id.'">'.esc_html(stripslashes($input['label']));
    	if ($input['type'] != 'checkbox') {
    		$content .= ':';

    I adjusted the code on github. Let me know if you have any additional issues.

    Do you have a code for a drop menu on this plugin?

    If you mean an HTML select control, then yes.

    Are the changes you recently completed in the plugin available on wordpress. I need the check box functionality. I am new to wordpress as well as all the worjk being done in the plugins.

    Could some kind sole help me. We have loaded the plugin ont our site

    We need to get a dropdown option in one of the forms in order that the input data is correct for salesforce to send different auto response emails with different payment links for Chargify.

    I have downloaded the file from github, and updated the file through ftp for wordpress site, and nothing is different. I am not a developer.
    Can someone please advise or help me sort this out.
    Many Thanks

    Use “select” as the widget type, and set “opts” to be a pipe delimited list of options.

    For example, to get “A”, “B”, and “C”, you’d use “A|B|C” in the opts field.

    There’s a more complicated syntax if you want the values and labels to be different.

    Thanks. where do i do this, is it in the code as I am not a developer?

    In the form, in the same way you would declare a text widget, textarea widget, etc. There’s an extra option for “select”.

    I must not have downloaded the update correctly. Can you advise on the link for the updates and what to do. Im really grateful for your help

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 74 total)
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