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    Being a new webmaster, I have sent Dan Coulter several messages through the Gigs plugin feedback and through his website with no response plus in the plugin forum. I see several other people have the same problem with editing exisitng gigs per the Plug-in support forum. It appears to be a broken link, but I can't find the link to make it work.

    Has Dan quit being a developer or what is the problem? Can the WordPress team locate him to see if this issue can be resolved? Otherwise I will use soneone else's calendar plugin or different CMS software.

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    Can the WordPress team locate him

    There is no "WordPress team".

  3. He's still around, but he may no longer be actively developing the plugin. The WordPress team doesn't do anything about this, unless there's a security hole in the plugin and it's causing issues. I know right now he just moved (per his blog).

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    I finally found the solution on the Gigs edit function problem after reading one of Dan's developer notes on his last Gigs update. Apparently Dan uses the Firefox browswer for compatibility with his Gigs calendar plug-in and hasn't updated the Gigs software for IE compatibility. After using Firefox, the edit function worked satisfactory. The edit furnction doesn't work with IE 8 or 9. Hopefully, Dan will eventually fix the IE compatibility issue.

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    This is a followup post that the IE compatibility on the main edit function with the Gigs calendar events now works. I'm not sure why it works without any new updates, but it does.

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