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  • I have been receiving the following error ever since Dec. when the gigpress plugin was updated. It is displayed on the admin screen as well as below the footer on the website. It is not always there but it does it several times a day. PLEASE help me fix this as it is causing the site to run very slow.

    WordPress database error Table ‘wp_gigpress_shows’ already exists for query CREATE TABLE wp_gigpress_shows ( show_id INTEGER(4) AUTO_INCREMENT, show_tour_id INTEGER(4) NOT NULL, show_date DATE NOT NULL, show_multi INTEGER(1), show_time TIME NOT NULL, show_expire DATE NOT NULL, show_address VARCHAR(255), show_locale VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, show_country VARCHAR(2) NOT NULL, show_price VARCHAR(32) DEFAULT ‘Not sure’, show_tix_url VARCHAR(255), show_tix_phone VARCHAR(255), show_venue VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT ‘TBA’ NOT NULL, show_venue_url VARCHAR(255), show_venue_phone VARCHAR(255), show_ages ENUM(‘All Ages’,’No minors’,’All Ages/Licensed’,’Not sure’), show_notes TEXT, show_related BIGINT(20), show_status VARCHAR(32) DEFAULT ‘active’, show_tour_restore INTEGER(1) DEFAULT 0, PRIMARY KEY (show_id) ) DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 made by require_once, require_once, require_once, require_once, include_once, require, dbDelta

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  • Sounds to me like two problems – first, the upgrade didn’t complete properly, so the db_version stored in your settings file is outdated, hence GigPress is trying to upgrade its tables. Then 2nd, your WordPress dbDelta function is not working properly, as it should not try to CREATE a new table when it already exists.

    Have you tried deactivating and then reactivating GigPress?

    What versions of PHP and MySQL are you running, and on UNIX or Windows? Who is your web host?

    I have tried to deactivate the plugin and reactivated… I have deleted the plugin from the plugin directory and have reinstalled it, same error…
    I am running a dedicated window 2003 server…
    mySQL 5.0
    WP 2.7

    Can you email me so I can look further into your setup, and actually see this happening on your site? derek [at] Thanks.

    As a follow-up, I found a typo in one of the conditionals that is causing this problem. Please upgrade to version 1.4.4 – that should fix it right up.

    Thanks! I did the upgrade and have not had any errors yet!
    Great plugin!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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