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    I see several people with this same issue posted on multiple places, but no one has received any support or response. I am posting it again as a new topic in hopes that it will inspire Ankit to respond, its such a great plugin!

    So like everyone else, the only way to stop the pop-up from repeating is to click “no thanks”, but in the mean time the viewer can add the free gifts over and over as it does not stop.

    Hope there is a fix for this or will need to find another plugin which I hate to do!


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  • No one is responding with any solutions and it is very frustrating. I reached out to tech support so if I hear anything I will reach out and update you

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    Thanks Apollonia – that would be great if you get anything from them!




    I have the same problem please help?

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    Does anyone have any update? I was going to get the pro version but then I think this isn’t working anymore…

    Plugin Contributor Amit Baral


    Pro version has the patch finally. Enjoy!!!

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    Thank you for posting this, but does this mean that the free version is being abandoned and only the Pro version will be available? (No sense using the free version with this bug).




    @jacguerrant did you ever find a solution to this issue?



    @ncreep The free issue is still not working currently.

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    Correct, the free version still does not work, not sure why the author would do this and expect people to buy the paid version, if they do not fix the free version I don’t feel very confident buying the paid version. There are other plugins but I sure did like this one when it was working.



    I hadn’t even had a chance to try the free version, so I know I won’t
    be purchasing the Pro. Especially with the time frame it took to get answers. This makes no sense to me. Does anyone know of any other plugins that work to offer free gifts?



    It happens to us as well. The free gift screen keeps poping up. It seems that the only solution is to purchase the Pro, that is bad! sad……

    Plugin Author Ankit Pokhrel


    Hi all,

    This issue is fixed in new version of the plugin. Note that the issue is only in WC v3+ and you don’t need to upgrade if you are using WC < 3. Check fix commit here.


    Hi, Ankit – I’m using the “old” WooCommerce (2.6.14) with the new plugin version 1.2.3. I’m also encountering the problem with the never-ending pop-ups – is there an older version of multiple gifts available that would work better? Greetings – Gabi

    Just installed the new Woocommerce 3, used it with the supposedly fixed plugin – the popup problem remains 🙁

    I’m still seeing this issue. I copied/pasted the file from the fix commit and the plugin just stopped working entirely (no errors on the front-end, the pop-up just didn’t appear at all when my cart met the criteria), so I reverted it back and it went back to doing this.

    Finally, I downloaded the entire repo and compared its files using BeyondCompare to the one I have installed and it appears that the version of the one in repo is 1.2.0 and I have 1.2.9. So what the heck?

    WordPress version: 4.8
    WooCommerce version: 3.0.9
    Multiple Free Gift PRO version: 1.2.9

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