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    What is the situation of the Gift Aid add-on? we bought the plugin and has spent lots of effort on deploying it and modifying it to fit our needs based on the fact that this add-on was to be released a long time ago. I can see that there is no timing frame listed at the moment.

    We would not have invested in this if we knew that this add-on will not be in place as we loose quite a lot without it.


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  • Plugin Author Devin Walker


    Hey @kacmac – Thanks for being patient with us.

    The truth is that we felt in order to do Gift Aid properly we needed to refactor how we handle donor’s addresses in general. You see, donors can have both a billing and personal address. The billing is what is tied to the payment method they are using at the time of donation and that’s currently all we ask from them. In order to do Gift Aid properly we need to properly require that the donor provide their personal address if in the UK. This is not the same as the billing address.

    Developing the proper UX/UI to require the donor’s address, if they wish to give via gift aid, requires that the core plugin handle the billing/personal address properly and separately. As well, Gift Aid requires reports to display and export donor’s who have opted-in to make government reporting easier.

    I hope my explanation gives insight into why we’re so delayed on releasing this add-on. We try to be as thorough and strategic as possible when releasing add-ons, even if that means delaying it to wait for core to catch up.

    It sounds like you’re a customer. If we can perhaps provide an simpler way to capture donor’s Gift Aid eligibility to help you out, please let us know via our priority support channel: https://givewp.com/priority-support/



    Thanks Devin for the insights.

    Considering your justifications, do you have an estimation for the release date?

    And yes, I am a customer, it will be great if there is a way to capture gift aid in any way while the plugin is released. I will send a support request in this regards.


    Plugin Author Devin Walker


    Hey @kacmac – It’s pending release of 1.8 of Give core which is slated for mid-January. I would expect it shortly after that. Again, apologies for the delay.

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