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    Hi, when posting gifs into our activity stream, we are getting the message ‘there has been an error in processing your request’ when members use a url link and a static image if they upload a gif file (although the latter does animate if the image is clicked on). Can you think of anything that could be causing our problem? It has all previously worked. Cheers


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    Hello investacube,

    Could you give me exact steps on how I can replicate issue with example of gif that does not work? I’ve now tested uploading animated gif with buddypress activity and it worked on my site.

    Please also check for plugin conflict of possible.

    kind regards,

    Hi Kasia, thanks for the help. I have tried isolating all the plugins except buddypress and activity plus but I am still getting the same issue. However if you are not experiencing the same thing on a clean instal then I must have gone wrong somewhere! Could you give me an email address so I could send you login details. Your experienced eye may see something obvious 🙂

    Quick add-on. Using a site like giphy.com members would normally choose gif, click through on advanced and copy the giphy link – as used for Twitter upload – and the animated gif would play in the activity stream. If posted under photo icon, the image uploads but dislays as a static image unless clicked on. If posted under video link we get the message ‘There has been an error processing your request’. Any advice would be great

    Could it be an admin media setting? I’m running a multisite setup but just the one site on it.

    Plugin Support Predrag Dubajic WPMU DEV Support


    Hi investacube,

    When you’re on giphy.com and go to Advanced tab next to Share options can you try copying the download link and using that as photo in activity plus, this way of sharing worked fine for me as you can see for this short video example:

    Let us know if this worked for you as well 🙂


    Hi Predrag, that works perfectly! I was messing around with giphy link! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

    Plugin Support Predrag Dubajic WPMU DEV Support


    Awesome! Glad to hear that worked for you as well! 🙂

    Have a great day!


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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