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  • Since the most recent updates, the ‘other posts’ part of my single posts, at the end of each individual post, looks very funky. First of all, the three images won’t fit in a row, the spacing is all messed up. I had added a bit of code to make the frames around the images match the frames of my theme, so that’s probably the cause. But I don’t remember exactly what I did or how to fix it. (I was coached.)

    Further, below the uneven line of thumbnails, there appears a totally empty frame, awaiting something — it’s rather silly looking all alone and empty there.

    See for yourself:

    Any suggestions on how I can sort this out?

    thanks for your help — I really appreciate the Plug-in and appreciate any counsel you can give me on this one.

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  • @mdblogs sorry to hear about this. It looks like you’re using the new “Thumbnails” display that was made available in YARPP 4.0, but you have some additional styling for thumbnails in your theme. Maybe you were using thumbnails in your related posts using a “custom template” from before YARPP 4.0? If that’s the case, you’ll want to go back to that.

    In YARPP options, click on the “custom” button instead of “thumbnails”, then choose the appropriate YARPP theme from the dropdown. Hope this helps.

    I’m so grateful for your response.

    I had tried this before, and I tried it again and when I select the PHP (custom) option, I get a list and the ghost-frame still appears. So clearly my little customization job isn’t jibing well with your upgrades!

    Interesting to see that if you go to older posts, written and saved before the upgrade, the thumbnail bits work out fine — it’s just the empty ghost box that still appears.

    I’m going to dig into the archives of my correspondence with my coding-coach on this project and see if I can recreate or undo what I did.

    If you have any other ideas — I’m happy for them but I know that you are not a full-time support person!

    Just a further note — I have now sorted out the problem with the distorted frames around my thumbnails and I’ve checked it in a few different browsers and they all look just as before, and beautiful. But I still have this mystery empty thumbnail frame that appears below the three posts. Again, not your job to sort this out for me but if you had any further ideas I’d welcome them. Best wishes (and happy holidays)

    I think I see the issue now. I believe you have some code creating <span class=”frame-outer”> . This should go outside of your YARPP template and instead be in your theme, after where YARPP is being called. I hope that helps.

    Thanks – this should be easy to fix. I’ve looked through all the templates and I don’t seem to see that code <span class=”frame-outer”>
    Could you tell me which template it’s in?

    thanks if you can
    otherwise I’ll keep scouring.

    best wishes

    It looks like it’s being printed in your YARPP custom template file, though I could be wrong. I can’t actually see your files so I’m afraid I can’t be more helpful than that. 🙁

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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