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  • I don’t know what to call it, but on my post page it says I have 462 posts total and my published posts are 235. Where are the 233 posts that aren’t published?

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  • must be private ones. check the posts thoroughly and you may get post assigned to private.

    How does it say 462 posts? Are you looking at the ID’s?

    I got rid of my 1 private post. As for the ID’s, I’m looking at the total posts in my blog displayed at the top, under the ‘add new’ button

    Drafts, posts in the trash, perhaps you exclude a category somewhere?

    Wouldn’t ‘Drafts’ and ‘trash’ be included in the same line as ‘published’ and ‘All’?

    I only publish to one category.

    I added a post, now it’s 465 All and 236 Published.

    still accumulating after upgrading to version 3.1.3

    in WordPress 3.3, it still is happening. It says i have a total of 752 posts, which 273 are published and are real. I thought if it was a cosmetic mistake then by v3.3, it should be fixed. It is not, so now I am thinking it might have been caused when I tried manually installing it and got impatient while waiting for a core update and terminated the setup before it was done, corrupting setup files.

    Doing a manual upgrade should have fixed that.

    Have you run a repair on your database?

    I just did run a repair on my DB and nothing happened. I thought a manual upgrade might do it too way back a few months ago.

    Same thing has been happening on our network site for the last couple weeks. Oodles of draft posts (with missing fields) just accumulate on their own. Our editor keeps having to delete them every day because they interfere with the post list (they always show up at the top and shift all legit posts down). Have no idea where these ghost posts are coming from.

    @brainjured: I’m getting closer to finding the source of my own ghost posts. I was wondering, do you have any particular WordPress plugins enabled, by chance?

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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