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    Some time ago I added a feed and then after a while, deleted it. It doesn’t appear on my feed list. Trash is empty.

    However, every time the feed I deleted posts a new item, it appears in my feed list and on my site’s list of “Blogs I read”. When it appears, there is no blog title, just the feed’s article title link.

    I figure that I have an “orphan” somewhere, but I don’t know where WP RSS Aggregator stores the feed information.

    For the record, I used the Debug option of deleting and refreshing all feeds. It doesn’t help. The ghost feed reappears.

    Can you help me clean this up.

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  • Hi @seattlelion,

    If the Feed Source is deleted, there is no way it can still import the feed items.

    Do you have other Feed Sources on your site? If so, when you pause them all, does the “Ghost Feed” still importing the feed items?

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    There are no other feed sources other than the RSS aggregator feeds. I am pretty sure that wherever the feed source info is stored didn’t get completely deleted. The title of the blog is missing, I just get the post title. Can you tell me where the feed source information is stored?

    Hi @seattlelion,

    What we mean before is not other RSS Aggregator plugins.

    But with WP RSS Aggregator, you can have more than one Feed Source. What we’re asking is do you have more than one Feed Sources? Can you please send us some screenshots of your Feed Sources list?

    To answer your question, the Feed Source information is stored in your database. Feed Source is just a Custom Post Type so it follows how WordPress store a Custom Post Type in the system.

    Also, if you deactivate WP RSS Aggregator, does the problem still persists?

    Lastly, if you are using any of our premium add-ons, you can also open a premium support ticket for this.

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    This is the only aggregator I have. I can send you the list if you send me an email [email removed] with your address. I searched all WordPress tables in this instance (I use network WP) and could not find the string “wprss” except for some parameters in the option table.

    The blog that is “ghosting” only posts occasionally (monthly) so the situation isn’t constant. However, when it does the feed appears on my list (I have it in a widget) without any of the meta information the wprss feed list carries, like blog name.

    I went through the “posts” table and sorted on post type. I read all of the wprss_feed items. It isn’t there. However, somehow the feed item appears in the list of items and is published in my widget.

    I put the item in “trash” and I see it in the posts table. (when I trashed it, it no longer was published. That worked). However I can’t find a “Post Type”=wprss_feed record that either has no feed name or has the one for the ghost feed.

    I don’t have any premium add-ons. This is a very basic use case.

    I deactivated and reactivated but won’t know if there is any effect until this particular blog has another post.

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    I just ran the debug “delete and reload” feed items. The ghost didn’t appear. It may be cured by deactivating the plugin and then reloading all feeds. I hope so.

    @seattlelion – I have removed your email address from your previous post. These are public forums. Please don’t post email addresses:

    Hi @seattlelion,

    Thank you for your additional explanation and for getting back to us.

    Glad to hear the “ghost feeds” didn’t appear again.

    In any case, if you ever encounter the issue again, please let us know.

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