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    We are developing the web site
    In the events section 3 “ghost” events have appeared in the middle of valid events. The ghosts have no corresponding text, and are dated 01/01/1970 with the time 12:00. I cannot find anything corresponding to them in wp_posts or wp_em_events
    1. can you advise me how to solve the problem?
    2. how is the displayed list constructed? The event list is defined as being ordered by time, so even if there are any empty events, I would have expected them to be grouped at the beginning of the list.


    David Butland

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  • Thanks for the suggestion.
    I checked all the post_id values in wp_em_events, and there is a post corresponding to each of them. All the rows in wm_events look as I would expect them to. Am I doing what you intended me to do?
    I am particularly puzzled that the ghost events are scattered out of order in the other events listed.
    Another suggestion of something to look for would be helpful

    David Butland


    how about checking wp_posts and make that events are match with table wp_em_events ?

    Thanks for taking the trouble to chase this for me.
    You were probably right the first time. I started to do as you suggested, and noticed that I had checked only the 1st 30 events. I immediately found an event with a non-existent post_id. It was deleted, and the number of ghosts went down by 1. I’ll check all the others, and then let you know that the problem is solved.
    It would be helpful to have an automatic procedure for checking invalid links. We may put one together for our own immediate use, but I’m sure there must be all sorts of other instances of inconsistent data.
    I’m still puzzled at the order of the ghosts.

    Thanks. I’ve marked the problem as resolved. Now all we have to do is to discover how it arose.
    We are writing some SQL code to identify the inconsistencies.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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