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    I noticed that my rss to email notifications via feedburner had no paragraph breaks in yahoo mail (looks fine in gmail and hotmail.) I also tried sending some tests through FeedMyInbox and Mailchimp just to see if it was a feedburner thing and got the same results.

    I found a few threads on how yahoo mail does not render paragraph breaks (i.e. that offer some a style tag workaround but I mickeyed things up trying to slip it into my rss source output and am a little scared to try messing with it any further.

    I’m going to see if there is a way to slip it into the styling of the mailchimp template (since they allow me to make such alterations, unlike feedburner) but since they use a rss content function to pull the post I’m thinking that’s probably not going to work. I thought I might reach out and see if anyone has come up against this and have a solution.

    Its only a small minority of subscribers that actually still use yahoo mail but I hate that my notifications look so terrible for anyone who does. Any suggestions are welcome.


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  • It worked!
    If anyone comes across this: I found the fix.

    1. You have to use Mailchimp instead of feedburner which, after looking into this, I highly recommend.

    2. Create an rss to email campaign in Mailchimp and use whatever template you want. Make it look the way you want and save it to “my templates.”

    3. Go to “My Templates” in dashboard. Export the template you saved.

    4. Open the file in an html editor and add:


    to the inline css. I put it just after the body {} tag.

    Now you’ll have some paragraph breaks in yahoo mail.

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