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  • Im getting a little worried about this plugin, I religiously use this on dozens of sites, as it is one of the most versatile plugins out there. However it has not been updated in over a year now. and by the looks of it, the developer has stopped answering support questions. If you are still reading this, do you need someone to take over support on this? It would be an impossible disaster if I had to scrap it from my sites, as I imagine is the case for most people who use it. Nothing else quite like it out there!!

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  • I 2nd this! I use this plugin on all my sites as well to the point of them being non-functional if it suddenly stopped working. I hope all is well with Eliot and that this plugin has plans of continuing development. This plugin is 2nd to none!

    I third…

    I concur. I have used it sparsely but I really like this plugin. I would hate to see it disappear from the repo. Unfortunately I lack both the time and the technical skills to help maintain it of fork it.

    same here.

    This is like my all time favorite plugin!!

    I’m also worried about the future of the plugin and I am stopping depending on it… which is terrible cause there is nothing else out there like it. I would happily pay for a commercial plugin that was this good!!

    I’ve removed Custom Content Shortcode from the various sites I manage.

    For my main uses, Content Views Pro has replaced it.

    @draig, interesting, how would you compare the two? it looks nice, but is it as powerful with the ability to fully customize the look and feel of each custom field in a loop for example? cant tell if you are stuck to the specific layouts they give you or not.

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    Content Views Pro is not as open ended. Custom Content Shortcode is straightforward and so fully customizable.

    However, the CVP developer is very active and adding features/fixing issues and if the user has something they cannot do, he regularly writes the function or updates the plugin to make it possible (assuming it fits in the scope and vision of the plugin). He went above and beyond in helping me for example.

    That is invaluable.

    The div for each custom field has its own class so you can style stuff pretty much how you want. There are some limitations, but they can usually be worked around. You have to determine if it will work for you.

    Here is the documentation:

    Here are the forums:

    Most questions have been answered there.

    Also, I really like how easily CVP can replace archives, taxonomy pages, single page views etc.

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