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  • Ok, so I am very tired, and can’t seem to find out how to get my wordpress into my index.php, so that it comes up when you type in my domain. I need for it to fit into my layout, so do I just create a theme through wordpress for my layout of my website? Or is there a way to just code it into the existing index.php? My entire website is php.

    I’m trying to get it into the box that says”
    Hello, welcome to my site, here’s where I put all my content :)”

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  • I think you’re probably best off getting wordpress working seperately, on its own, and then building/modifying a theme based on the layout you’ve already created.

    Alternatively you could install wordpress to a different directory in your site, and add an iframe to the wordpress index.php in the box where you want the content to be displayed.

    There will be other solutions too, but I think the first I suggested would be the most solid approach.

    Good luck!

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