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    I’ve been wading the forums for a couple weeks trying to get my head around the way the different (pre- and post- 3.5) WPMSes handle the location and paths of uploads (Upload URL, Upload URL Path), while getting our new (installed with 3.6) and old (installed before 3.5) WPMSes to behave the same way in this regard in the most future-proof way.

    I’ve been experimenting with different settings but wanted to start with a blank slate here to confirm the expected behavior.


    This is especially important since we move sites from a pre-3.5x WPMS install (development) to a 3.6x WPMS install (production), and generally need to move sites around from one WPMS to another, in as streamlined fashion as possible.

    What I Think I Know:

    I see the difference in the expected behavior, confirming here:

    Pre 3.5x Install

    File URL:
    file stored at wp-content/blogs.dir/#/files

    New 3.6x Install

    File URL:
    file stored at wp-content/uploads/sites/#/filename.jpg

    Wanted, as before:
    File URL wanted:
    file stored at WHATEVER WORKS

    Question 1: What needs to be done to the new WPMS install and its sites settings so that we can continue to reference as in pre-3.5? (Aside from just reinstalling the new WPMS from 3.4 and upgrading upward.)

    * .htaccess ?
    * Upload URL, Upload URL Path settings ? (I
    * wp-config.php and add define (UPLOADS ?

    Question 2: What’s your recommendation/opinion regarding continuing with the pre-3.5 file URL structure? I’m trying to understand the logic behind this change by WordPress.

    Thank you.

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    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    Some questions related to this.

    1) Why are you moving from 3.5 to 3.6 anyway?

    2) Is this all BRAND NEW in production? (This is more “How on earth did you end up with prod being ahead of dev?”)

    3) How determined are you to keep /files/ ?

    In THEORY you can take the logic used to dump MS-files ( ) and reverse it. But if you really wanted to be future proof AND speed up your site, you’re better off getting rid of /files/.


    I think we’re on the same page, but I may not have been clear enough. THANKS for the references and information provided in your article.

    The issue is specifically with and ms-files.php, and generally the intent of your article you referenced, thank you.

    1. All WPMS sites are now current to 3.6.1. What I meant to say is the dev multisite was installed at <3.4 MS (“old” install) while the production MS was installed at 3.5 (“new” install). Moving a site from dev to production creates new issues with the file paths.

    2. See #1 and above. The issue is WHEN they were installed and how each handles file paths. Right?

    3. Depends. Based on what you did in your referenced article, and “and after an hour I said…,” I just need a straightforward path from one to the other, old file path way to new file path way.

    We have a mix of all WPMS installs (subdomain, subfolder) from 2.x till 3.4, EXCEPT for the new production MS. At this point, with only one site on this new production MS, it appears to make sense to reinstall WP from 3.4, re-import that site and wait until there’s a better/faster solution/method to converting the old sites for the benefits of speed et al.

    Bonus Question 1: “Getting rid of /files/”: is there a plan on that for “old” MS installs?

    Thanks again. Also glad for site cloning tool recommendations besides the commercial Backup Buddy one we use as of now.

    Comment: the value of having a consistent file path across all sites outweighs the benefits, at least as of this moment.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    Ah, thank you 🙂

    Bonus Question 1: “Getting rid of /files/”: is there a plan on that for “old” MS installs?

    No, because most people aren’t doing what you’re doing. Personally, I would just dump ms-files.

    I did eventually determine that I had typos in the database, and after making the changes again to Upload Path, Upload URL Path and Fileupload Url, I ended up making Fileupload Url and everything’s been just fine since.


    Thanks for the information, follow-up and update. This helps put the future planning of our MSes into perspective.

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