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  • JTRT Responsive Tables, is by far the most intuitive plugin, to edit and build tables. We all know that HTML tables and responsive design are not best friends. And if you could, you should avoid using HTML tables, unless you would have a tool in place, that is capable to break down a HTML table into rows or columns or find other ways of displaying a table and it’s content, that can easily be viewed on any device regardless if the table is viewed on a desktop, smartphone or (small) tablet.

    I looked around and found a few plugins that do exactly this. Unfortunately most of these plugins do have a huge interface, not user friendly where it is hard to create (fill) your table often not a way you are used to use. You would need to copy & paste cell by cell, and importing a CSV file is rarely given. And when it comes to designing the table – most of the tools – lacking the options to be able to design what you need. Sometimes you have to do it in a cryptic (CSS) way, do for each cell again and again, your are limited just to some basic features or even they do not have any option for custom design wishes at all. Basically all what is seen as common and/or user friendliness is missing.

    I’m glad to have found JTRT responsive tables – as this is the solution and the positive answer to all the negative sides other solutions did offer.

    Yes there are a few things that yet do not work and some nice to have features are missing yet. But hey, this is far by way – the ultimate tool once it is ready. To get nice tables there is nothing much you have to learn or do – you can use a natural way of editing and building tables. Currently it might not deserve the full 5 stars because of some bugs, but it deserves the missing points to the 5 stars already by the person behind this plugin. He offers an excellent support and programming skills in one person.

    Things will get done and be solved. So just be patient, help by reporting bugs and support the programmer, do not mourn and go away, use it and with your reports you show that we need this plugin.

    Over the time you will have the most native, intuitive and powerful table solution just for free! What do you want more?

    Thanks John for the hard work and offering this excellent solution – keep the good things come…

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  • Plugin Author MyThirdEye


    Wow! This is wonderful!

    Thank you for the kind words and the feedback! You’ve helped improve this plugin so much! I love all the feedback and the specific suggestions you provide. It motivates me to keep building and improving! πŸ˜€

    I have been silent for a little bit, the reason is because I destroyed my computer trying to upgrade it, haha. Not a good feeling when your PC doesn’t turn on πŸ˜€

    I’m going to release an update tonight, (no formulas yet) with a few bug fixed. The formulas are coming, I’ve gotten them to work- but they seem to mess with the image upload dialog box which is incredibly confusing since they’re not related by any means. I have to figure out the conflict and solve for that first before I can release formulas because I think the image upload is a better feature to have at this time.

    Thanks again for all the feedback you’ve provided, the kind words and suggestions! When I update the plugin your name will appear under the credits section for sure!

    Also if you run into any more issues or have suggestions feel free to contact me, I will be responsive again since I have a PC πŸ˜›


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