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  • This is a vent, but I’ll try to stay as positive as I can.

    I am growing really frustrated with how much I have to fight with MaxGalleria and its related products to get work done. I just renewed my subscription, and I’m seriously wondering whether it’s worth the trouble.

    Here’s the current crop of problems:

    – Image Showcase will not deactivate so I can update it (I appreciate the developer advising me to do the update via FTP, which I will do, but I shouldn’t have to do that)

    – Various of the addons will not update automagically (i.e., using the the update plugin functionality built into WP) when used in a multisite environment. They do update in a single site environment, but it’s annoying to have to deactivate/delete/install/activate just to do an update

    – Adding images from a Media Library Folders Pro folder to a MaxGalleria gallery causes the image file to be duplicated in the root of the MLFP folder tree. Deleting that spurious file causes it to be deleted from the MaxGalleria gallery (it’s still present in the MLFP folder where it is “stored”). It’s as if the gallery doesn’t know how to navigate the MLFP folder system…which is really weird since they’re both addins from the same company. This behavior happens whether I add the files to the gallery from within the MaxGalleria plugin UI or the MLFP plugin UI.

    – After adding images to a gallery the Dashboard links for MaxGalleria disappear, to be replaced by duplicates of the MLFP links. Admittedly this can be “fixed” by clicking on the Dashboard home link…but it’s jarring and bizarre and given all the other problems I’m running into makes me wonder how stable all this stuff is.

    Not a happy camper…

    – Mark

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  • Plugin Author AlanP57


    For the plugin you could not deactivate, that issue was caused by a change made by WordPress. It was fixed months ago but you did not update until now. Concerning the update process we have not yet had an opportunity to investigate what is different about your multisite. And for the remaining two items, this is the first time anyone has reported those issues.

    Note that we are not allowed to deal with paid plugins issues on We can deal with those on

    Apologies about bringing up issues related to addins that can’t be addressed here. I’ll move those over to the company support forums.

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