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    Hi all, fairly new to WP and in love! 🙂 So much so I moved off my hosted (free) blog onto a new domain of my own, so I could have all the goody fun with managing/controlling my own install of WP. Here’s my problem: on, the Rubric theme is somehow 2.0-ready, widgets and all. But the “in-the-wild” Rubric theme is only 1.5-ready, and doesn’t support widgets. Can anyone point me in the right direction here?

    Do I have to redo the work someone else did of getting Rubric widget-friendly? Is it hard (you can see on my blog at that I’m not an experienced coder)? Is there a way to get the updated theme from the guys?

    I’ve searched everywhere, and am not even sure where to leave comments/requests, so if you have the time to help I’d really appreciate it. Thanks for taking the time to read my lengthy request. 🙂

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  • Yep, I’ll put it up and post a link as well. You can contact the host at; should be a link on there somewhere – get him to put it up there too. Rubric’s too good a theme for too long to die….

    Oh…. fully widgetized etc. too….

    I’ve put a 7zip archive up here:

    This includes the widgets plugin and the correct sidebar setup as well as the new functions.php. READ THE README, and follow the widgets plugin install instructions! I’m not going to troubleshoot for folks who don’t read.

    But if you have problems outside the installs of the theme and the widgets plugin, start a new thread please.

    [If you don’t have 7zip, get it at

    I’m working on getting it up at Want to make sure I have a decent landing page for it first. 😛

    Landing page here. WordPress rocks!

    vkaryl, the download linjk on your site 404s. This one does work though. 🙂


    Hi drmike…. working fine for me. That’s weird. I wasn’t even housecleaning this time!

    [Note please, btw, that there are still a few “housekeeping” bits that need doing – and which I will get to this weekend – after a long day in Vegas for a wedding tomorrow.]

    I’ve just received access to the graphical themes viewer, so I’ll be uploading the theme there this weekend (after tweaking the bits one more time!)

    drmike, glad you mentioned that. I just discovered my link was 404’ing also. It’s fixed now.

    I’m sure glad you guys got me addicted to this! 😉

Viewing 8 replies - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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