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  • Hi anyone,

    This was a small issue I found out and managed to resolve in few hours (lol), and just wanted to share if anyone might come across this issue too.

    On the last step of the multistep form, I manage to show the contents of the mail-tag from previous steps in the result, which is similar to the sample given by dev,

    My code was as such:

    <p class="input-query">Selected Service:</p>
    <p class="input-answer">[multiform pick-services]</p>
    <p class="input-query">Date & Session:</p>
    <p class="input-answer">[multiform pick-date], [multiform pick-session]</p>
    <p class="input-query">Dog Breed:</p>
    <p class="input-answer">[multiform pick-breed]</p>

    … and so on.

    It worked and the contents were shown in the result page, but the problem starts when submitting the form to the email set. Areas in the email where the mail-tag should show the contents from the form didn’t show up, and they were was just blanks.

    Took me few hours and realized that the missing element was (“), the double apostrophe or double quotation mark, to cover the mail-tags in the last form.

    With the following code, the mail-tag would then function properly and show the contents in the email:

    <p class="input-query">Selected Service:</p>
    <p class="input-answer">[multiform "pick-services"]</p>
    <p class="input-query">Date & Session:</p>
    <p class="input-answer">[multiform "pick-date"], [multiform "pick-session"]</p>
    <p class="input-query">Dog Breed:</p>
    <p class="input-answer">[multiform "pick-breed"]</p>

    … and so on.

    I hope what I describe is understandable and help other users/devs facing this problem. If anyone understands this and can explain in a better term, please do go ahead.

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  • Plugin Author webheadcoder


    You are correct. The form-tags need quotes. Please see the Additional Tags section on the Description page.

    Thank you.

    I actually had to come back to this thread because I assumed my code was correct after having looked at it a million times, comparing it to the demo.

    It was not correct.

    You saved me a lot of hair on the floor.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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