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  • Our new, under construction WP installation is hosted by Network Solutions. It currently has a url of, with permalinks set to apply just the post title to that.

    I’m trying to remove that /WordPress/ element from the URL by following directions in method #2 here:

    However, going through the steps leads to our site home page (a static web page) being inaccessible (get a generic Network Solutions placeholder page) and 404 errors for post content.

    First question: Does the process in the link above assume that we’ve pointed our existing domain to the NS WP installation? So that would mean that the site address would not be, but would instead be

    Is that the issue?

    If not, I feel as if I’m getting hung up on steps 6 and 7 of the instructions. I believe I’ve FTP’d into the root directory (FTP location shows just “/” without anything after it and the first two files are .htaccess and index.php.

    I’ve followed steps 1 through 5 and then downloaded the two files as instructed; edited the index.php file so that the element is require( dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/WordPress/wp-blog-header.php' ); as instructed. Then I’ve uploaded them, index.php first, then .htaccess. And that’s when I get the placeholder home page and 404 error.

    Am I missing something in steps 6 and 7?

    Googling this, I seem to get different versions of the same instructions that I already *think* I’m following…


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  • Hello, @ctalk, & welcome. Could you please tell us what you’d like the address of the WordPress installation to be? & what is the address of your static homepage? I’m pretty sure in the final analysis you don’t want this to be related to, as that is for network solutions. So if you could help us out w/that info, that’d be good. Also, is your static homepage also a WordPress installation or an HTML page or something else? All this would help us know how to instruct you to proceed.

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    Jackie @abletec,
    Thanks for your reply. That’s right, the site name will not be related to Network Solutions. We’ve just been using that URL in our development stage while our existing site is still live elsewhere.

    Our existing site is

    Address for our homepage at the new site is:

    That homepage is a page within WP.

    Our goal is to have the urls for the new WP-based site to look like this: The way in which we installed WP, our permalinks with our site address currently look like this: I’m concerned that when I point our domain to WP that we’ll end up with: And I don’t want that /WordPress/ element in the middle of the URL.

    Googling the problem gets me what seems to be a very simple solution, but I can’t get it to work. I went through the steps from the link referenced above to try to remove the “/WordPress/” element from the site name, but I then I get the 404 errors. So I’m breaking the URL it seems.

    What am I missing?

    Do I need to update the site name to and point our domain to WP? Should I be able to make this change working with the site name and I’m doing something wrong?

    I appreciate your help!

    @ctalk, I don’t mean to sound dense here, though that is likely indeed the case. Please attribute it to tax day here in the US & insufficient coffee. However, I’m still not certain of a few things, so please help a struggling support forum volunteer out, if you’d be so kind.

    1) Are you thinking of replacing your existing site w/the site under construction, or is this an extension to the other site, ie, a blog, etc?
    2) If this is intended to be a replacement, then it’s likely premature to replace the url’s now. Do that when you’ve got the site the way you want it & are ready to go live. How you’ll do that is sort of dependant on how Network Solutions works. I had a client who hosted there once til he decided he’d rather host w/me, &, since that’s been years ago, it’s likely changed since then anyway, so it’d be hard for me to instruct you precisely. You’ll either need to move the site, including its database, to where you want it to go, or use a redirect from your control panel to point the existing folder to the new domain. But here again, because I’m uncertain as to your intent, it’s difficult for me to reply w/any degree of certainty as to how you should proceed. If you do choose to migrate the site, there are several plugins available to help do this. 1 I’ve personally used is called “Duplicator”. I’m not sure it’s even being maintained now, as I haven’t used it in awhile. I’m sure there are others. Legal disclaimer: my mention of it in no way constitutes an endorsement, either by myself or the WordPress community at large.

    Please feel free to set me straight, & I in turn might be able to provide better advice, because I feel pretty unhelpful now.

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    No worries! I always find it tricky to know if I’m explaining myself properly, esp. since I’m not a WP expert and only handle this stuff every few years it seems.

    Answers (I hope):

    1) Yes, under construction site in WP will replace previous site (which is built in and hosted by Adobe Business Catalyst, so not WP at all).
    2) We are not quite ready to move to the new site (though we have moved our content over), but I want to make sure that I do things in the right order so that I don’t have extra work to do later. That’s why I’m concerned about how removing the /WordPress/ element of site name works. The process for pointing out domain to the new site looks straight forward and is handled through a few settings within Network Solutions (who is our domain name provider as well). So I think apply our domain to the new site and directing traffic there instead of the old Adobe BC version shouldn’t be a problem. I do want to make sure people are simply using to reach our site and not

    Does that make sense?

    Thanks again for your assistance here!

    Thanks for being so understanding of my denseness, @ctalk. I do think I understand now.

    If it were I, I’d proceed thus. Leave everything alone until you’ve got the site ready to go live. Then you can use a plugin to migrate your site from your current url to your url & use the instructions you were trying to use from the Codex to get rid of the /wordpress portion of the url. Hopefully using a plugin will eliminate the need of a search-&-replace of your database, but that’s easily enough accomplished also if required.

    If, when you reach that point, you need additional assistance, just post to this topic & @mention me, & hopefully my dense little ears will perk up & I’ll be able to give more assistance. But believe me when I tell you, there are others as or more capable than I who can help as well, so don’t hesitate to yelp for help.

    1 last thing I’d suggest–don’t forget to back up your original site–just in case something goes fubar. You’ll never regret having a backup–but you could regret not having 1. Spoken from entirely too much personal experience & way too much cowardice.

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