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  • Hopefully this fits into the Misc. category.

    In order to utilize social networking plugins, (e.g. Facebook), generally ‘apps’ need created, Page and Admin ‘IDs’ are required and so on.

    When developing a site for someone other than yourself, what is the best practice for accomplishing the above? Do you sign into FB as that person to create and gather the necessary assets, or is there another way?

    Sorry for the basic nature of these questions, but I have not found this searching elsewhere; And there must by many users here who fall into this category and have crossed this bridge, perhaps many times.


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  • Not sure exactly what you mean, but if you need access to info related to a facebook business page, you can just have your client set you as an additional admin for that page on facebook.

    I’ve seen people make a ‘business’ account to handle it, in order to exclude your personal FB accounts. Ditto Twitter. Basically they either give you access as that account, or you tell them what to do.

    Thanks for your replies!

    peter parker


    Hi i install the CU3ER plugin for slider it is display preview in admin but it is not working in the homepage it is display the message If you do not see content of CU3ER slider here try to enable JavaScript and reload the page.

    please help me. it is very urgent for me

    peter, make your OWN TOPIC.

    This is the fifth time I’ve told you. PLEASE stop posting in unrelated topics.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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