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    First, I know you have a support forum, but I prefer not to create yet another user account for something (especially for a product I may not end up using).

    I’m completely baffled getting started. I’ve been using WordPress for years, and always before, when I install a theme, my home page is whatever I set it to be in Settings – usually recent posts. Until now.

    I installed Responsive, and smack in the center of the home page of my site, instead of my recent posts, is this

    Hello, World!
    Your H2 subheadline here
    Your title, subtitle and this very content is editable from Theme Option.

    Problem is, there is nothing in Theme Option[s] where I can edit any of this. The “Home Page” section is all empty, and in any case, I don’t want a special “Home Page.” My blog settings should determine what’s on the home page, and I’ve chosen my front page to show “Recent Posts,” but it doesn’t!

    In addition, the home page shows three footer widgets with text like this:

    Home Widget 1
    This is your first home widget box. To edit please go to Appearance > Widgets and choose 6th widget from the top in area 6 called Home Widget 1. Title is also manageable from widgets as well.

    Well, surprise, surprise – I go to Home Widget 1 and it’s empty, so why does anything appear at all – why is it even there on my home page? Well, I see that there is code for these widgets in sidebar-home.php, but you don’t expect me to customize the theme’s .php file to manage widgets, do you? Isn’t the whole point of the WordPress dashboard to make everything user-friendly? (Why would I be using WordPress themes if I had to write all my own PHP?)

    Everyone seems to like this theme, but I have no clue why. I haven’t rated it yet, and I hope you can tell me what the heck I’m missing before I do. Back to another theme for now, so I can actually see my content on my site, not big boxes that say I can edit their contents, when I can’t.

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  • Emil Uzelac


    Theme Review Admin

    Hi stevekass,

    First, I don’t want to have my Theme confusing, to you or anyone else and that’s why I am in this forum all the time as well as our dedicated forum here to make things easier 🙂

    Let’s begin:

    Theme was designed to utilize Responsive’s default page, however you can switch the front page with few clicks and this does not need to be in Theme Options, because WordPress does this for you.

    Meaning that you can go to your Reading Settings and change the front page to any page you need, this is not just with Responsive, you can do this with any Theme, since we’re using home.php instead of index.php you would change this to “your latest post” and here’s the demo as well.

    The widgets: what you have is completely normal and widgets would be empty with any given Theme because we need to add them in 🙂 No need to edit any PHP’s at all.

    Please let me know if this answers your questions and let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help, or at least to example and/or point out.


    Emil Uzelac


    Theme Review Admin

    P.S. Just want to add that home widgets are using a dummy content and I am sure that’s what confused you about them. Sorry about that 🙁

    This is your first home widget box. To edit please go to Appearance > Widgets and choose 6th widget from the top in area 6 called Home Widget 1. Title is also manageable from widgets as well.

    It should say please drag + drop instead, this is a dummy content 🙂 Have to work on that for sure!

    Hi Emil,

    Thanks for trying to help. But your suggestion doesn’t work. I already have Settings>Reading to “Your latest posts,” but the site does not show the latest posts.

    Screenshot of my settings: click

    This is a published post. It should appear on the home page.

    But here is the home page – no posts.

    As I said before, I have used WordPress for years, and this is the first theme that ever failed to display “latest posts” when I chose the setting “latest posts.”

    I can’t leave the broken site up for very long (I need to get it ready for a class), but hopefully you can see it.

    If I get this working, I can worry about the widgets later.

    Emil Uzelac


    Theme Review Admin

    I am so sorry, this is my fault entirely. I said “your latest post” and that will actually display the default layout instead.

    I should known better than this. To switch away from default, please do this instead. Static page to whatever you need to be. If we need posts, create a page and select the page template to either blog full posts, or blog summaries.

    I feel very embarrassed right now 🙁

    Once again, so sorry Steve! Long hours, need to cut back a little.


    Thank you, Emil!!

    It works now, and the dummy widgets are gone, too! 🙂 It’s confusing, but it was easy to fix.

    Very fast customer service!!!

    Emil Uzelac


    Theme Review Admin

    thanks Steve, I really appreciate this and I’ll reduce (eliminate) the confusion 🙂

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