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    I installed Relevanssi via the plugin in the admin interface.
    It installed,
    It activated and
    It started.
    Then I used the search function and got NO result.
    I was told to look for the settings / options
    All I can see is
    The edit,
    The deacivate
    The visit website
    Something like that

    No link to any Options is visible…

    What does it take, and is it possible to just
    Install the plugin via the add new in the admin
    Then go to the options / settings
    adjust them and activate…

    without having to go into any editor where an amateur like me risks to destroy the entire website?

    If so, I would be so happy to hear exactly how – written step by step, pedagocically correct so even I can understnad it.

    If not – I would say hmmm tooo bad. A plugin should be installable and usable / adjustable, without having to know anything about programming of any kind. When that is necessary – I think, its amateurish half-baked a product. 😉

    Warmest and best… and looking forward to hearing from you..


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  • Plugin Author Mikko Saari


    Relevanssi settings are in the Settings menu. You should also see the nag on the admin screen telling you to index the database. That nag contains a link to the settings page where you can index the database.

    For most cases, clicking “Build index” is all you need to do. There’s usually zero need to edit any files.


    Hello Mikko.
    With all respect for your answer and wish to help BUT, your answer was exactly one of the type I was afraid that I would get.

    I need a step by step EXPLANATION, no NIGs and NAGSs and other terms I don´t understand without a pedagogically viable USERS GUIDE FOR DUMMIES…. Can´t be too difficult to do give a useful explanation for NON-INSIDERS (If I knew how to make sense of the answer you gave, I would not have had to ask in the first place – do you see the point ? )

    Best regards and thanks.


    WHO CLOSED THIS TOPIC _ ITS NOT RESOLVED — and PLEEEEASE, you well intended people — don´t answer unless you have read the question completely, and unless you are both willing and competent to give a complete set of answers. Its really dragging the quality of wordpress down to get a (no doubt) well intended but utterly useless answer like the one from Mikko Saari.

    To make it short:
    AFTER Relevanssi is
    there is NO MENU VISIBLE where one possibly could edit the SETTINGS.
    and no – it is NOT there on the page with active plugins under relevanssi.

    A step by step, for dummies EXPLANATION without ununderstanadable abbreviations for the INITIATED would be lovely.


    Plugin Author Mikko Saari


    Your WordPress has a menu called Settings (in English version; if your WordPress is in another language, then it will have a different name that means “Settings” in your language). Under that, you will find a submenu called “Relevanssi”.

    This is in the sidebar menu of your blog, not on the active plugins page. It is the same settings menu where you can adjust your general blog settings or settings of other plugins.

    There, on that Relevanssi settings page, is a big button that says “Build index”. Click that.

    Also, if you have installed Relevanssi, you should see a box on every page in your WordPress admin that says “Thanks for installing Relevanssi, now you need to build the index.” or so. That box also contains a link that will take you directly to the Relevanssi settings page.

    I’m sorry, but this is as simple as I can put it. I don’t understand your hostility when I try to help you here; I can’t see where I’ve offended you. If this is not a simple enough explanation for you, I recommend you simply uninstall Relevanssi and move on.

    Mikko Saari.
    First of all thank you for sending an understandable answer this time. It was so easy, look there, and do so and so… without abbreviations nobody who does not know them understands etc…

    I managed to install and set the settings now. Works nice, thank you !!!.. I have one more question below, but first..

    A few lines about your “hostility” claim.

    Rather than seeing the frustration as Hostility – take it for what it is… frustration over:

    a) to receive an answer that did not solve the question or answer it.
    b) on top of that just CLOSE the thread as SOLVED when it was not..

    I am far from the only one who is very upset with the quality of the answers that are given in wordpress support forum…

    Sometimes you guys and girls would be wise to remember that the people who ask questions don´t have the same level of expertise as those who try to answer them. MORE AWARENESS about this could SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVE USER EXPERIENCE.

    Again thank you for a great plugin….
    I only have one more question. Maybe something about the settings can solve it.

    When I search, for example for Al-Qaeda, I don´t only get articles but photos which are used in the articles as result..

    Is there a way to exclude photo results ?
    nsnbc international is a newspaper, so people are interested in articles, not so much in old photos. 🙂

    Besides that it just works fine.

    Warm regards.

    NB.: Please don´t close the thread before we have agreed that questions are answered. It´s impolite.

    Plugin Author Mikko Saari


    What were the difficult to understand technical terms in my first answer? Please tell me that. “Settings menu”? I think it’s not too much to assume that a WordPress user knows the Settings menu, as everybody needs to visit the menu when they set up their blog. “Nag”? That’s not a technical term, but used in everyday English sense. There’s not a single technical abbreviation in my first answer, just straightforward instruction to go to Relevanssi settings menu and click “Build index”, which is exactly what needed to be done.

    Consider that I volunteer to answer questions here on my spare time; there’s absolutely zero obligation for me to answer anything here, I could just stop and start only serving the people who pay for the support. There are also many other people asking questions, and I have limited time, so I try to answer the questions as fast as possible, in order to be able to answer them. I think it’s better that way, instead of you having to wait two weeks for an answer.

    Really, you might want to stop and consider how your communication looks like to outsiders. If you can’t see how your posts seem very impolite and rude, you might ask someone else to give their opinion. Your tone is very unpleasant, and I’m not surprised you get unpleasant answers given your tone. I’m afraid to answer you, because I expect you to freak out and say I’m using too difficult words, when I try to answer.

    Anyway, here goes, and hopefully in words you can understand.

    As for the images, you need to make sure Relevanssi is not indexing attachments (images are attached to the posts, so they are called attachments in WordPress terms). In Relevanssi settings page, see “Indexing options” and “Choose post types to index”. Make sure “Attachment” check box is not checked. Then scroll down and click “Save indexing options and build the index”. That should make the image attachments disappear from the results.

    Hello Mikko.Thank you for the reply.

    If I un-check the attachments in the indexing the photos will disappear. That is fine… only problem…

    I have important PDF documents as content uploads.
    Will they also stop being indexed if I un-check the attachments from being indexed ?

    Thank you. I understand you volunteer and appreciate it. As I said, I am merely trying to help get an overall better user experience and quality.

    Plugin Author Mikko Saari


    Yes, those PDF files are also attachments. Do note that Relevanssi is not going to index the contents of those PDF files in any case.

    If you want the search to include the PDF files, but not the images, then it gets technical. It is possible to create a filter that will prevent the images from being indexed and will let the PDF’s through. That requires some PHP programming experience, however.

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